A Newborn Brand and Their First Product, Wing W2 VS Doogee DG2014

Lately, a newborn China brand, Axgio, has launched their first product Wing W2, by upgrading the original OS from iWing WTD2. Its debut on TinyDeal has many spotlights to attract our eyes, and here we are to find something new on the device.

The Axgio Wing W2 is going a similar way as the Doogee DG2014, by providing a nice design and a thin body at a low price. As the price is lower than Doogee DG2014, the hardware specs seems to suffer a bit, but exactly in many aspects it performs better. The Wing W2 is basically the same hardware base in terms of processor, RAM and screen. However, the same specifications do not mean the same performance and experience all the time, after a couple of days’ use and comparison, we found the differences here.

First off the bat is the look of W2. The slightly frosting flat back cover adds a unique element of style, while the DG2014 is a little curved on the edge. As we remove the back cover and insert the SIM card, it is apparently to found that Wing W2 is easier to take out the back cover than DG2014, also the power key and volume keys of W2 are fix on the back cover instead of the side of fuselage. In terms of the design we have to say that Axgio really made an effort here.

Powered on the device, we experienced the biggest difference we mentioned between the two phones, the DG2014 runs the Jelly Bean OS similar to native Android, but Wing W2 runs the homemade Neonado OS. So what’s new on Neonado OS? It is quite mentionable that it uses “Trim Rounded Rectangle” icons and redesigns a different lock screen, with which you can directly view the current date, time and even weather. Another biggest feature is the innovative aerial view screen. You can bring up the interface by long pressing the HOME key or swipe the screen. In this aerial view screen, besides the running program to manage switching, it also focused on a key clean-up, multi-tasking switching, traffic monitoring, alarm and power-saving mode, as well as a key scan function, the phone status with a glance understanding.

DG2014 claims to have a 6.3mm ultra-thin design, but we should believe that occurs on the “thinnest part”, in all, the phone may be around 7-9mm in fact. For the W2, rounded corner design with 8mm thickness is relatively dependable in many ways. Both Wing W2 and DG2014 come with 4 colors optional, but the golden back cover of W2 is more attractive and elegant in a way.

Doogee DG2014 has two SIM card slots, one for standard SIM card, the other for micro SIM card. So if you do not have a MicroSim Cutter is would be a little troubled. Wing W2 uses two standard SIM card slots to make it convenient, that’s what we admired very much here. In terms of prices, Wing W2 also beat DG2014 down undoubtedly with only $99.99.

In conclusion, The Axgio Wing W2 is a nice looking low cost phone with mostly good build quality. The performance of W2 will exceed your expectations. On many levels, the phone is quite excellent.

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Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 VS Elephone P9, Which One Is Better?

Today, octa-core smartphones are raging like a storm on market, and they have been competing fiercely on price. As a smart customer, how will you choose the most satisfied and cost-effective one among a wide variety of octa-core phones? We are now to compare the Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 and Elephone P9, telling you which of them is more worth buying.

The two models are basically similar on the appearance design. But differentiating from the silver colored Elephone P9, Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 is all wrapped in champagne gold color, which well illustrates the name of Golden Warrior. Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 equips with a 1280×720 pixels resolution screen into its 5.3-inch LTPS display, featuring OGS full laminating technology, while the Elephone P9 is 5-inch 720P with IPS but not OGS, though, we have to say that Elephone P9 brings us superb screen experience as its ppi is 294, higher than the 227 ppi of S8.

Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 features the MTK6592M processor@1.4GHz, which is supposed to be the underclocked version of MTK6592@1.7GHz, low frequency means saving more power but losing better performance at the same time. If you prefer better games and videos performance, Elephone P9 will be a better choice as it quips a standard 1.7 GHz version MTK6592, with which in daily use we can obviously see it is much smoother. In other aspects, both Golden Warrior S8 and Elephone P9 have 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, dual SIM cards and 2MP front camera. However, Elephone P9 supports OTG, WiFi display, air gesture and other features, running the Android 4.4 KitKat, which do brings much better experience, of course, Lenovo S8 also has advantages like Bluetooth 3.0 and 13MP camera, but in a way these features are usually seldom used

The biggest difference of S8 and P9 should be the supported network, Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 supports 3G network of TD-SCDMA which can be only used in China, the 2G supports GSM 900/1800/1900MHz. For Elephone P9, it supports both WCDMA 850/2100 MHz and 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, so it means that you can use it all over the world. In Antutu benchmark, Elephone P9 reached 27410 points, higher than that in Lenovo Golden Warrior S8. In terms of battery life, P9 equips with a 2100Mah battery while S8 has only 2000Mah one, both removable but P9 can offer longer using time under test. For the price, Lenovo S8 is $224.99, Elephone P9 is only $199.99.

In conclusion, if you want to find a cost-effective convenient cellphone, the Elephone P9 is the best choice, newest Android 4.4 and humane functions are attractive, of course if you are a fan of gold and willing to endure the slow 2G network, S8 is also suitable~ thanks for reading.

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the Most Powerful Android Tablet—ONDA V989

The Allwinner A80, showed on CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and MWC (Mobile World Congress) in the beginning of 2014, now it enter the market. Allwinner A80 adopts the latest ARM big.LITTLE processing technology, the high performance Cortex-A15 quad-core and low power consumption Cortex-A7 Quad-core integrated in a processor subsystem, the technology has been widely used in Samsung’s flagship processor.  Allwinner A80 based on TSMC 28nm process, frequency up to 2.0GHz. In addition, the PowerVR high-end graphics core G6230 is integrated into A80.

OK! Do you know the first product powered by A80? It’s ONDA V989! Let’s see the feature first.

Standard accessories contains a 5V/2.5A power adapter and a thicker USB 3.0 cable different from the USB 2.0.

Equip with 9.7-inch Retina screen, white panels with silver metal shell, 8.9mm narrow frame, the thickness only 7.9MM and weight is less than 500g. It’s very convenient to take it everywhere. On Quality workmanship, as a digital enterprise established manufacturers, ONDA V989 is very well-made.

The Extend Port of ONDA V989 are on the left. Specifically, it adopts USB 3.0, and also compatibles with USB 2.0. The biggest characteristic of USB3.0 is faster. ONDA V989 is the first tablet that adopts USB 3.0!

The power and volume button are on the back side, I feel pretty good!

The two speakers on the bottom side, left and right channel separation, stereo effect, outstanding performance!

ONDA V989 equips with 7.9 inch Retina screen, 2048*1536. It’s very clear and true. So, enjoy your favorite movies and games.

ONDA V989 also has a couple of practical functions. For example, the smart screen function, it can make full use of monitoring induction front camera, bring a series of humanized design. While you watching video, if you don’t stare at the screen, it will pause; but you turn your head and see the screen, it will start. In addition, it supports screen recording function, it can record the contents on the screen and save it in the disk root directory automatically.

It is a major bright spot that A80 equips with PowerVR G6230 GPU. As is known to all, Apple A7 processor PowerVR G6430 GPU is just a little higher than that PowerVR G6230. They are released at the same time, and support the latest OpenGL ES 3.0

4K video

We can see from the actual playback, streams from 10Mbps to 100Mbps, ONDA V989 can run smoothly. Besides, it can play H.265 encoded MKV format video. And it supports NTFS file system, can be used to watch more than 4GB films.

With a window function, the window size can be adjusted.

The test with AnTuTu Benchmark, up to 45768 points. It’s very high.

The test with 3D Mark. Do you see that? WOW! Maxed out! I don’t want to say anything!

The game performance test:

ONDA V989 runs them smoothly in full high definition quality!

Dungeon Hunter 4 runs smoothly. From the games I tested, its overall performance is quite good, and show good effect at such high resolution screen. And I believe it will further improve in the next few month.

The battery of ONDA V989 is 8000mAh, it give us a long battery life. After fully charging, set to maximum brightness. Begin to use from 13:30, remains 17% until 18:00. After that, I turned off the screen! At second day 10:00, remains 16%. I think it’s very good.

To be sure, the heating control of ONDA V989 is very good. When I play games for a long time, the highest temperature just 37℃(98.6℉), feeling not hot.


As the first tablet powered by A80, There is no doubt that ONDA V989is the most powerful Android tablet in the world. Not only play big games, but also watching high quality movies, it can run smoothly, work so well. Retina screen, give me good visual experience! ONDA V989 is your best choice in many 9.7 inch tablets.

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Herbal Vaporizer

An intricately designed roadmap of Long Beach is showcased on the G Pen and inside perimeter of the box, personalizing the collaboration with areas sentimental and nostalgic to the icon.

This is a Snoop Dogg G Pen clone. The Herbal Tank is comprised of a stainless steel outer encasement, a scientifically-hardened glass sleeve, and the tank, itself, wherein dried herb aromatherapy blends are housed and vaporized.

How to use?

Load the chamber with your favorite dry herb

Press the switch button and puff.

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Aqua Atomizer Clone

The Aqua Atomizer cloned is a full stainless steel body that has similar characteristics as the popular Kayfun atomizer. It has differences though, such as the 3 post design, allowing for dual coil setups.The tank offers a bottom feed design with approximately 1.8ml liquid fill capacity, and has silver plated contacts that are adjustable. The outside body twists to allow for adjustable airflow from loose and airy, all the way down to no airflow at all. It also has a rather unique feature, a juice flow adjustment. The chimeny can be twisted to loosen it, allowing more juice into the juice channels where the wick has been stuffed into. This allows you to deliver more juice if you make a coil that produces a lot of vapor, while still allowing you to tighten it down for smaller coil builds.


  • 100% stainless steel
  • 4-Channel dual coil capability
  • Bottom feed tank atomizer
  • 1.8ml liquid capacity
  • Adjustable contact pins
  • Silver plated contact pins
  • 510 threading to fit most mods/devices
  • Laser engraved logos
  • Individually numbered

The Aqua rebuildable atomizer can pair up nicely with the Origin Mod, giving a nice complete set up. They connect together in what is know as “hybrid mode” where the 510 connector is removed and the base of the Aqua screws directly into the Origin. It comes with a hybrid pin to allow this to happen.

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Taifun GT Clone

Taifun GT atomizer clone is 1:1 clone as the original Taifun GT. It’s made of stainless steel and equipped with a clear plastic tank. There are three options for the vape enthusiast in how to produce vapor. Either your wick/wire combo, stainless steel mesh or cotton depot. Another great feature is the lowerable atomizer chamber, making it easy to build a new coil setup. This unique rebuildable atomizer can hold approximately 5ml of liquid and has adjustable postive poles and airflow.


  • Stainless Steel withPolycarbonate Tank
  • 5ml capacity
  • Silica, Mesh, or Cotton Build setup
  • 510 threaded connection
  • Adjustable positive pole
  • Chamber can be lowered for easy re-build
  • Individually numbered
  • No soldering joints
  • Positive pole adjustable
  • Adjustable draw by exchange of air tubes with different inner diameters; “normal draw” : (1,2mm inner diameter) standard in the Taifun GT

Measures without Drip Tip:
Height: 57mm
Diameter: 23mm

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FNF ifive mini4 will arrive soon?

Not long ago, we saw some news about the powerful ifive mini4 from the Internet. It is know that mini4 powered by Rockchip RK3288 which adopts the newest cortex-A17 architecture and bases on 28nm process. It will carry a Retina screen the same as iPad mini2 (iPad mini with Retina), 2048*1536, the ppi up to 327. Compared with cortex-A9, cortex-A17 is higher 60% than A9 in performance. It’s the best solution of high energy consumption. Besides, Rockchip RK3288 processor plays the accumulation of advantage in audio and video in the field of video support, it supports H.265 hardware decoding, 4K video output and playback. But when is it going to be on the market? Only time will tell.

However, FNF has a lot of excellent products. ifive mini 3GS is one of them. Let’s see the features first.In body size, there is no doubt that FNF put a lot of effort in thickness. It just only 6.5mm. In hardware part, mini 3GS powered by Octa-core processor MTK6592, 1.7GHz, Mali-450 MP4 GPU, 2GB LPDDR2 RAM and 7.9 inch IPS Retina which PPI is 324.

Mini 3GS’s Package and Accessories

In many ways, FNF is an excellent brand who has great ideas. It can be said that each product of FNF has been well-built. They also want to get rid of shackles of homogeneity. While they draw the appearance of outstanding product, they also create some its own characteristics so that give users a good impression. We can feel from the whole package brightly.

Mini 3GS’s Package Mini 3GS’s Package

Mini 3GS’s AccessoriesMini 3GS’s Accessories

Every corner of package of mini 3GS shows the main melody of “5”, colorful lines also draws the young vitality! In accessories, we can see from the above picture, it contains micro USB cable and Adapter.

Mini 3GS’s Appearance of the Design

FNF LogoFNF Logo

Thin Body DesignThin Body Design

Actual Test Result: 7.13mmActual Test Result: 7.13mm

When I received mini 3GS, the first feeling is thin and light, extremely thin and light. The official data for 6.5mm, and the actual test result for 7.13mm. It is even thinner than many flagship mobile phone. I feel like a small notebook at a meeting.

Mini 3GS’s 5mm narrow frame design

One hand holdingOne hand holding

There is no doubt that 5mm narrow frame design can make us feel great in visual.

Mini 3GS’s Details: indicating lamp

Red when chargingRed when charging

Flashing blue when new notice comingFlashing blue when new notice coming

According to the different brightness and color, we can determine what kind of information. There are several tips from the indicator of mini 3GS.

  1. Red continuously: charging
  2. Green continuously: full charging
  3. Blue flashing: short messages or missed calls.

Mini 3GS’s Retina Screen

ifive Mini 3GS adopted 2048×1536 resolution on a 7.9 inch screen, which makes the screen PPI reached 324.

Mini 3GS’s Screen shot comparison1Mini 3GS’s Screen shot comparison2Mini 3GS’s Screen shot comparison

By comparing the real effect of proofs, we can see that the overall performance of the screen is pretty good. In general, it looks rather cold. Those who like warm screen of Samsung may be need some times to adapt it. But I think that the screen is more close to the true.

Mini 3GS’s Visual Angle

Lateral viewing effectLateral viewing effect

Vertical viewing effectVertical viewing effect

Thanks to the good properties of IPS, ifive Mini 3GS can almost reach 180 degrees in the visual angle.

Mini 3GS’s Display effect

After affirmed the screen of mini 3GS, the display effect of high resolution is we consumers most concerned about. According to our test result, the mini 3GS has a good display effect.

Screen shotWe can see from the proof, each icon of mini 3GS is very delicate.

Mini 3GS’s Performance Analysis

MTK6592 consists of 8 Cortex-A7 core components, using TSMC 28nm process, MediaTek said that the frequency can up to 2.0GHz, but 1.7GHz actually for some reason. GPU of MTK6592 is mail 450 mp4, about two times as much as the mail 400 MP4. Mali450-MP4: Mali450-MP4 image kernel, 700MHz frequency, 152Mtri/s, 2.8Gpix/s, supports full HD video and decoding w/Richest format.

AnTuTu Benchmark3DMARK

3DMARKBasemark OS II

Geekbench 3Geekbench 3

MT6592 is the world’s first true eight nuclear intelligent machine system on chip (SoC). The so-called real eight nuclear refers to eight Cortex-A7 core can run at the same time. The score runs on AnTuTu Benchmark reached 28000 points, is close to Qualcomm snapdragon 800, Samsung Orion 5410 and NVIDIA Tegra 4. At the same time, it can compatible with the Android 5.0, support eight core chip is a feature of Android 5.0.

Mini 3GS’s Performance of playing games

Modern Combat 4Modern Combat 4

Modern Combat 4 is a first person shooter game, which is relatively rich and magnificent picture. High definition 2048×1536 screen shows details most incisive, and Modern Combat 4 runs smoothly on mini 3GS in the entire game operation.


The Octa-core age is arriving. If any manufacturers stop in the quad-core age, that is equal to backward, and it will be eliminated by market. Mini 3GS is the first tablet of FNF Octa-core series. After practical experience, I think it is a good tablet. The retina screen is clear. Not only playing games but also watching movies, it runs smoothly. Besides, the price of tinydeal.com is really reasonable. I recommend it to you.

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Axgio Wing W2, A Newborn Brand and Their First Product

Lately, a newborn China brand called Axgio, who concentrates on creating brilliant consumers electronics and aims to make products that improve people’s life, has launched their first product Wing W2 by upgrading the original OS from iWing WTD2. Its debut on TinyDeal has many spotlights to attract our eyes, and here we are to find something new on the device. Wing W2 has been preselling on Tinydeal.com with 2 colors optional – black and white.

The Wing W2 is an MTK6582 phone, 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM, equips with a 5” IPS OGS 720p screen. Quad core CPU does not only mean the smooth experience, but also can save much power consumption in a way, especially when you play videos and games for a very long time, in addition to that Wing W2 has got some very interesting spotlights as it runs the homemade Neonado OS.

So what’s new on Neonado OS? It is quite mentionable that it uses “Trim Rounded Rectangle” icons and redesigns a different lock screen, with which you can directly view the current date and time. Another biggest feature should be the innovative aerial view screen. You can bring up the interface by long pressing the HOME key or swipe the screen. In this aerial view screen, besides the running program to manage switching, it also focused on a key clean-up, multi-tasking switching, traffic monitoring, alarm and power-saving mode, as well as a key scan function, the phone status with a glance understanding.

All in all, Axgio Wing W2 is a nice looking low cost phone with mostly good build quality. The performance of W2 will exceed your expectations. On many levels, the phone is quite excellent.

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Kamry K100+

The K100+ is updated from K100 MOD, it adopts the same accessories and batteries as the old K100. The difference is the new shape in tube pipe,and the most important is all MODS comes with the IC protection chip now, the protection chip were import from US. With this chip, it will be safer while battery charging and vaping.


No circuit board in the battery

No welding to the battery which could make its lifespan last longer and safer to use.

Compatible with most 510 type atomizers, the included atomizer could be detachable, cartomizer core could be replaced.

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Free Nemesis Mod Contest


You have the chance to win Nemesis Mod by upload images of World Cup Live to our facebook post. We’ll do draw from all the participants.Totally 2 Winners. The Contest Ends on July 14th. We’ll Announce the results on July 15th at our that page and facebook post.


1st. Upload the image you’ve taken at World Cup Live

2nd It’s OK to upload the image you’ve take from the TV.

3rd The images can be any match of World Cup 2014 from group match to knockout match. And we’ll select all the image in one page at our site for collection.

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