DIY Make Your Own E-cigarette

As to vape, different people tend to have different opinions. DIY make your own e-cigarette takes great fun while being a vaping hobbyist.

Firstly, It’s necessary to speak of the threading of e-cigarette. The two most popular threading are 510 threading and eGo threading. And All eGo’s can accept BOTH eGo and 510 devices because the inside of an eGo thread is actually a 510.

While assembling eGo-series e-cigarette, you need an eGo battey and 510/eGo threading atomizer. If you want to make typical eGo-CE4 e-cigarette, you need to buy an eGo-CE4 atomizer and and eGo battey. For example, model: 98004 + 137965 makes eGo-CE4 e-cigarette.

And you can also use an eGo battey and 510 thread atomizer like 510X atomizer to make eGo-510X e-cigarette.

This is how to easily make your own eGo/510 e-cigarettes. As BRA and mod, we’ll talk about on next time.

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Flash Deals on Cigabuy

Recently Cigabuy hold a new activity: Flash Deals. In this page, you can buy one E-cigarette for only $0.01. Here, we sincerely invite you to participate this activity.

1st, Add one of the products into shopping cart(optional) – When the counterdown time displays 00:00:00, the coupon will appear by reloading the page - Get the coupon code on the reloading page - Apply the coupon code at checkout
2nd, the quantity indicates how many times the coupon can be used: eg, quantity: 1, the coupon can be used once only
3rd, each ID can buy one product only since every item corresponds to a specific coupon
4th, sharing your orders by posting order images on our Facebook/ forum, you will get 10 CG points


1st keep reloading the page in the last 1 minutes until the coupon appears.
2nd Add the item to your cart in advance and turn to checkout page.
3rd Apply the coupon at checkout page asap. Since the coupon has limited use time. Finally, Good luck to you all!

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How to Treat Those Cameras without Screen?

Cameras without screen, is it real a camera? That’s my first feeling when I hear this matter. Can’t see what the mode the camera is now. Even suspects if it’s real working. But the frame comes to me, and I’ll tell you how powerful they are! Just like the GoPro sport DV

MD80 Mini sport DV, it completely don’t know how this little thing to work. Just 3 buttons, actually the manual tells me to control it. This DV has indicators, different color lights from indicators will remind you what the mode is now. Blue, green, red, orange, these combinations create “Video Recording”, “Photograph”, “Voice Recording”.

2.0 mega pixel CMOS, 62°visual angle, we can view its photographing quality

Are there any ways we can fit screens for these camera. The answer is “Yes”. But we don’t mean the real screen. We use the wireless connection function – WiFi. Now more and more sport cameras have built-in WiFi function to connect mobile devices. I have to say it’s a very good idea. We connect the cameras through our mobile devices, and then we can control cameras about their video or photo. All you need are just WiFi Sport DV and your mobile devices.

How about their waterproofness? Just like GoPro, adapt to the water environment. The waterproof case can help it. Next product, it’ll take us to experience the real water scenes through its lens.

And with other mount accessories, you will realize the surfing recording or racing recording.

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360 2nd USB WiFi Router, Build Network Anywhere

“Simple”, “Good Experience” are probably the targets of all IT developers. 360 2nd USB WiFi Router, caters to some special needs of users indeed, can surf a stable Internet wirelessly within a certain range, and this product is not only general WiFi, but carry an additional “cloud USB”, which improves its practicability greatly.

The interaction design really has become a kind of enterprise culture of 360, such a small hardware interface also inherits its easy-to-use feature. Whether installation interface, or the real time reminder“You have saved XX M traffic”, both win customers’ hearts.360

1.Money Saving, No Traffic Charges

It will cost you a large amount of traffic fee to see a high-definition movie on mobile phone! While wireless router for home use charges at least a few hundred, some even thousands. Plug 360 2nd USB WiFi Router into a computer, laptop or mobile phone that can surf the internet, you can easily create WiFi signal, and share the computer network. The money you’ll spend is “0”.

2.Easy to Use ,Product for Dummies360

Still torturing by the complex settings procedure of routers? One step, WiFi created. You can easily create WiFi signal, and share the network.Plug 360 2nd USB WiFi Router into the USB Interface of your computer. Wait a moment, you’ll see the software interface. If do not succeed, please manually installed. Steps are as follows.

— Please click Here to download and install 360 WiFi driver, prompted to insert the portable WiFi

—Insert the 360 portable WiFi networked computer USB port

—The computer screen will appear free WLAN name prompt

— Open WiFi Settings In your mobile phone Select 360, input password to connect.

3.Colorful Exterior, Delicate and Portable.360

On the basis of black and white of 1st generation, 360 2nd USB WiFi Router increased six additional colors, applies 55 Nanotechnology, environmental friendly, even smaller than your thumb. You can plug it in mobile phone headset hole or hung on a key chain, the colors matches perfectly with them.

4.10T “cloud U Disk”, Share Your Cloud File360

Large cyberspace, access and share the cloud data. No need to register the cloud account, just plug 360 2nd USB WiFi Router into a computer that can surf the internet like a U disk, you can access to contents stored in the cloud. The mainstream capacity of current U disk is about 4 G, Portable WiFi 2nd is equipped with 2560 times cloud space of the ordinary U disk.

5.Share WiFi Anywhere With Your Friends360

At the very beginning I worry about the strength and penetration of its Signal, because the device is so tiny, also do not have “extended antenna”. So I did a network speed test. Connect my laptop to the Shared network, spend less than a minute to download and install a software about 50M, as speed as using router. Then I tried to connect five more devices, 4 smartphones and a laptop, they all went on smoothly, it does not limit the number of connections simultaneously. Actual testing proves that my worries are unnecessary.

The popularity of this product reveals a fact: Technology products are still very complicated, but users hope they could be simpler, and I believe opportunities will emerge when we get the problem solved.

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How to Apply Face Mask Correctly

Who does not dream of a healthy skin? A healthy skin gives you confidence and helps establish a good interpersonal relationship. Face masks play a very important role in maintaining a healthy and glowing skin. Applying face mask at least once a week can moisturize the skin and help to minimize the occurrence of acnes and blackheads and makes your skin look smooth, clean and radiant. For the correct results there are 8 Tips on how to apply face mask correctly.

1、  Prepare to make the least amount of mess possible. Wear clothing you don’t mind getting messy. Apply the mask in the bathroom so that any mess can be cleaned up easily. Use hair clips or a hair band to keep hair away from the face.

2、  Read the instructions. Make sure you thoroughly read the individual instructions of each mask. Some need to be put on dry skin, some on wet. Some take 10 minutes, some take 30. Follow the instructions as they are written.

3、  Do a test spot. Especially if you have sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to do a test spot before covering your whole face. Choose a spot on your arm or a small spot along your jaw line and follow the instructions. If no reaction occurs within a couple hours, you’ll be fine.

4、  Wash the face and neck with a cleanser as any makeup, dirt, and oil can prevent getting all the benefits the mask was intended for. Exfoliating your skin to make sure dead skin cells aren’t in the way.

5、  Open your pores. Try steaming your face a bit before applying the mask. If you take a hot shower before you do it, the work is done for you. Otherwise, boil some water and hold your face over the pot for a couple minutes. Dry your face completely.

6、  Apply evenly. Make sure you’re applying evenly and generously with the mask. You want to make sure your entire face gets equal attention and all the benefits can be had from the mask.

7、  Leave on for the right amount of time. Most masks need a certain amount of time for skin to absorb the benefits from the cream. That said, they also really don’t need much more time than that. There is almost no benefit from leaving masks on longer than the recommended time.

8、  Pat dry. Rinse with lukewarm water (or do whatever the instructions tell you to do) and then cover your face with a cold towel to close your pores. Don’t rub at your skin. You’ll irritate it. Let your skin breathe. Wait at least 10 minutes before applying any spot treatments or moisturizers.

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How to Choose Watches for Kids

How to choose gifts for your kids? Make them happy, and at the same time, they could study for something, like counting numbers, reading time, sharing or other things.

Watches would be a great gift for your kids. So many types for your choice, like cartoon styles. At the same time, they could learn to read time and cultivate the concept of time.

But all these factors only work to the most when one chooses the best suitable watches for ones or others kids.

Here are some tips for you to choose suitable kid watches.

Age is the first thing to consider while buying Kids Watches. Buy right watches in their age is very important. For smaller kids learning to tell the time is important and Watches are available with such specifications like different color codes and funky watches to ensure that the kids love wearing them.

Character Kids have their favorite cartoon characters these days. If you will buy them a cartoon watch of their choice, then they will be more keen and excited to learn reading time. Therefore, it is preferable to know the favorite cartoon character of the kid before buying one for him or her.

Durable, that would be very important. Kids are the most carefree spirits on earth. They play and do all types of things so the Kids Watches need to be durable. A nylon watch or rubber watch would be better for them.

Waterproof watches, this is one of the important aspects that one needs to consider while opting for Kids Watches. Waterproof Watches allow the kids to play in water or go out in rain without any consideration for the Watch. Waterproof Watches usually have lighting effects to show time even in underwater.

Display is of great relevance for kids. The more attractive the display the more they will be fond of the Watch. Another thing one needs to decide for is whether one should choose an analogue piece or a digital display. Digital watches are the trend for the young generations. Sport lovers and carefree personalities are suited with digital displays. But analogue watches are considered an elegant choice.

Anyway, know more about your kids, they would be easier to fall in love with watches you buy. Durable and waterproof are very important things to consider. Try to use those tips, your kids would be happy to have a gift watch.

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4 Tips to Protect Your Mechanical Watch

Few days ago, I bought a woman mechanical watch for myself. I really love this type of technology.

Watches need to be protected well, especially for mechanical watches. This type of watch is expensive and it needs to be checked more so it could worked more accurate and longer.

I have been studying skills for a while. There are some tips for those who love mechanical technology.

1.Try to keep your watch from where there is water. Watches are afraid of water all the time even though they are waterproof. On the other hand, once your watch has been worn for several hours, sweat from your hands may corrode it more or less. In this case, you ought to check frequently whether the watch is dry or damp. Once it gets moist, use a piece of soft cloth to wipe it gently till it’s dry.

2. Don’t throw the packing box or watch container away randomly as they are the best place to store your luxury watch, especially when it is unused for a long time. Most people are used to placing their watches everywhere. But they don’t know this is quite dangerous for their beloved watches. Watches should be placed away from electrical appliances lest they be magnetized and can’t work accurately.

3. Don’t always rely on the repair shops. In fact, as long as you apply your hands more often, the watch can live longer. For instance, you should wind it regularly to support its normal work. However, be mindful that open its back case too frequent. The dust would be in there.

4. Having been worn for several years, the case of your watch may get scratched. In this case, just give two drops of water and a bit of toothpaste on its face, then rub the face gently till it’s almost new to look.

Those are tips I concluded. I hope that could help to keep your mechanical watch working longer. I know that not many women would love it so much, but those tips are also useful to men mechanical watches.

Finally, I welcome all fans of mechanical technology to communicate with me!

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Discover The New Conqueror: iWing


How would you define the value of a cellphone, or what’s your ideal cellphone? There might be hundreds of answers, but there would be much in common: great performance for its affordable price, sharp design, exquisite workmanship and other. Actually, the real value of a cellphone is behind these points. Let’s review the value by an outstanding example: iWing.

The Value of Quality

Since it’s founded up, iWing has set its aim to create more value for its mobile products, bring these cost-effective made-in-China products to worldwide customers. Within the value, zero return for repairing but comfortable return experience is highlighted as iWing’s leading concept. iWing has a tough work to establish its production line for the demand of quality, every facility has been tested repeatedly.

The Ambitious Team

iWing is quite proud of its experienced team. The sourcing team consists of the most professional hands to win them the latest advanced technology. The engineering team has the greatest minds and senior experts. Besides the proficient qualification as a manufacturer, iWing has a special team collecting and analyzing big data from top sellers on Ebay and Amazon. With the help of customer service team, they keep focusing on the oversea market and customer needs over years.

iWing WTD2

The Born-To-Be Phone

iWing has debut its first Android cellphone in February, 2014, manufactured by WingTech – the biggest and best reputed OEM in China. It has manufactured mobile phones for the brand names of Xiaomi, Huawei, and soon, it is going to serve HTC for the Taiwan company’s first 8-core cellphone. Also, iWing gathered the best designers from different areas of the world. With mass researches and surveys, iWing developed the new amazing UI for better user experience.

The Combo Co-operation

A deep co-operation has established between Tinydeal and iWing. Tinydeal will share part of its data and the analysis of defining product requirements. Also, Tinydeal can help iWing build its brands image and reputation as the previous success example. As return, iWing will guarantee the exclusive sale on Tinydeal and support best after-sale service.

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Celebrate Mac 30th Anniversary with Tiny Deal – Up to 34% off

January 24th is the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Macintosh. The PC market and Mac itself went through revolutionary journey over the 30 years.

To commemorate the historic moment, TD selected some hot mac accessories to give a big discount. Valid time: 2.18th – 2.25th, so hurry up!

1. UK Keyboard Skin for 13.3″ MacBook Series – French 34% off

It can be used on 13.3″ MacBook/ MacBook Air/ MacBook Pro UK board only. Prints Language: French. Will definitely protect your beloved computer from water, milk, juice, coffee and other liquid splashing into the keyboard. Several candy colors for your option: red, blue, green, purple, black, white etc.
2. HD Screen Protector for Apple MacBook Air 11.6″  10% off

Safeguard your Apple MacBook Air 11.6″ screen with this HD screen protector. It features a dust-repel, anti-glare & finger prints resistance design for reliable protection during use. The glass-like surface helps ensure image clarity.

3. USB 2.0 Male to RJ45 Female Adapter 8% off

Lots of laptop/tablet PC only can use wifi because they have no RJ45 interface. This Ethernet Network LAN Adapter allows users to connect Ethernet without wifi.

Compatible OS: MAC, WIN

Interface: USB 2.0 male port, RJ45 female interface

Click to view much more Apple accessories with big discounts and other mac accessories.

Go ahead to celebrate Mac 30th anniversary with TD and save money!

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April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day is also called the feast of fools, which is the western traditional festival in April 1st each year. April Fool’s Day is similar with the music festival (in Ancient Rome ) and the joyous festival (in India).From the time of the selection, because of the weather often changes abruptly in this month just like the nature plays a joke on human. So,on this day, people around are playing a trick on others in a variety of ways, and only late to 12 noon since this is formulated strict rules.

Since the day is coming, have you have any preparation for the April Fool’s Day? Do you want to play a joke on your friends? Well, some tips, right here, are recommended to you.

Electric Shock Pen

This is an electric shock ball pen, you are OK  when you take it in your hand. However, when you try to write something, you will receive an electric shock. So, try to ask your friend to write something, may be like this “I don’t remember how to write the word “tomorrow”, could you help me to write it down?” And when you friend try to write the word, he will get a suddenly but hurtless electric shock, he will jump up! Funny!


Similar with the ball pen, this is also an electric shock chewing gun. It looks no difference with the real one. Put this chewing gun in your pocket and when you come across a friend, you can try to ask him/her “would you like a piece of chewing gun?” When your friend try to pull it out, he/she gets a suddenly an electric shock, he/she finds it both funny and annoying.

Electric Magic Cube

This is also an electric shock product, it looks the same with the normal one. Upset the magic cube before put it into your pocket, when you see you friend, you can say “hei, I can not finish the magic cube, could you help me?” And your friend is happy to say “May be I can, let me have a try”. Well, he/she is on the way to be played joke.. How interesting is it.

Now, you know these are products are really fun, more choices are also for you in here

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