CUBE i7 Intel Core M 4G FDD LTE Tablet PC

CUBE i7, the first Intel Core M Tablet we sale, comes with 11.6 inch 1080P AUO screen, 4GB LPDDR3 RAM + 128GB SATA3 SSD, support FDD LTE & TDD LTE Network, pre-installed Genuine Win8.1. Learn More >>

What’s new on Intel® Core™ M Processors?
Ultra Slim

Ready to go wherever and whenever you are. The Intel® Core™ M processor was specifically engineered for ultra-slim, super-mobile, fanless devices. That means devices that disappear into your briefcase or backpack, weigh less and operate as quiet as a mouse.

Real Performance
Be more creative in less time. With up to 2x the performance of your old PC2 and graphics that deliver a powerful and vibrant media experience, the Intel Core M processor makes multitasking on a single device faster and easier than ever. Go from games to presentations in a flash. Anywhere. Everywhere.

Ready for Business
Keep employees productive longer—no matter where they work. The Intel Core M processor delivers an optimal combination of business-class performance with long battery life in ultra-portable devices. Help protect data, user identities, and network access3 with the built-in security features available with Intel® vPro™ technology.

Maximum Versatility
Carry one device instead of two. The Intel Core M processor brings together the power of a PC with battery life of up to 20% longer4 in range of razor-thin, ultra-mobile 2 in 1 devices. Experience the power of transformative devices you can take anywhere and everywhere.

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Onda V975s come with Allwinner A83T

The first A80T tablet is on sale on TD now. Powered by Allwinner A83T, 9.7 inch Retina Screen, 1GB + 16GB, support up to 128GB expansion. Learn More >>

Based on TSMC’s industry-leading 28nm HPC process, A83T is designed to be a high performance but extremely power-efficient octa-core processor. For that reason, A83T packs eight highly energy-efficient Cortex-A7 cores that could run simultaneously at around 2.0GHz, and implements the advanced big.LITTLE architecture to maximize the battery life. Imaginations Technology’s outstanding PowerVR GPU is also combined in A83T to deliver the best balance between graphic processing performance and power consumption.

“ Octa-core is leading the market now, so after the remarkable UltraOcta A80, we’re here to release another extraordinary octa-core A83T for middle range tablet market,” said Jack Lee, the Chief Marketing Officer of Allwinner, “The system performance of Allwinner A83T octa core is definitely impressive, but that’s not all. Our customers will be amazed by its extremely low power consumption as well, which even outperforms most quad-core tablet processors in the market. ”

Another noteworthy feature of A83T is its implementation of Allwinner’s next-gen SmartColor technology, Allwinner’s latest achievements in display technology, which helps to deliver splendid image quality with higher resolutions, providing tablet consumers with eye-pleasing visual effects.

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3D Metal Puzzle: Transform Metal Sheets Into A 3D Model

3D Metal Puzzle is amazing miniature 3D model puzzle that are made from sheets of laser cut metal. They are amazingly detailed do-it-yourself 3D models that you assemble from single sheets of laser-cut steel.

Great varieties and exquisite

Currently available in a wide range of styles covering a variety of world-famous engineering feats such as the Titanic, the Eiffel Tower and the Ferris wheel. Now, 3D metal puzzle have been expanded to musical instruments, military equipment and means of transport.

Most Metal 3D Sculptures can easily fit in the palm of your hand, yet feature an impressive level of detail as well as textural design and etching. The laser cutting process allows for intense precision even at a small scale.

No specialized tools, just hands and pliers

The entire model is contained within one (or more) four-inch square sheets of laser-etched steel. A set of instructions guides you, step-by-step, through the process of building your model.

Thanks to the ingenious slot-and-tab design, no tools, fasteners, or glue are required to build Metal 3D Sculptures. All you need are your hands and a pair of pliers! Simply pop out the pieces and bend, fold, and assemble them using the included illustrated instructions.

Patience and careful

3D metal puzzle is very precise, 30 minutes to several hours to complete depending on the complexity of the model, the metal assembly work needed, so please do not irritable when assembled, have patience, small parts must use pliers clamp down one by one, not directly hand to breaking, otherwise easily lead to operating parts breakage.

Cool decorations & conversation pieces

Not only are Metal Works fun to build, they’re great decor items. Keep them on your desk, bookcase, or nightstand. Although made from a thin sheet of metal, they are very durable.

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What Interesting or Surprise in Android 5.0?

As we know, GOOGLE group has been released Android 5.0 version on Oct 16th 2014, and its name is lollipop, Android 5.0 is the official version of Android L which has been release on Jun 26th 2014. It will be equipped ZOPO ZP920, ELEPhone P6000 and ULEFONGE BE Pro. So, what surprise will be showed to us? Let`s take a look.

Brand New UI

New android 5.0 adopt “material design” UI, compare with other android version, its UI more concise, more colorful, meanwhile it joined the real-time shadows of the 3D view, it provide fresh eyes view experience.

Brand New Notification Center

It is a faster center for reply your massage in Android 5.0, add some function like confirm, reply massage, you can set the priority level of notification to guarantee you will not miss any massage. In addition, you can set massage be pushed on your allowed, and what the most humanization design is that you have a call when you are listening music, the calling UI isn`t full screen, but it will be push a operable notification for you choose to answer or reject, no disturb during you music time.

Long standby

Android through enhancing its system, let it can adjust the processor power consumption and the screen luminance based on how many capacity of battery, after that, you will get additional 90 minutes of battery life.

Powerful Security System

A new automatic encryption function, in order to prevent the data the the device has been stolen, and it is equipped SELinux to forced to scan all apps, eliminate security vulnerabilities and malicious plug-ins.

Data Sharing

When you lose your phone at home, you can login your android account to visit your address book, massage and other information. What a amazing function is Android 5.0 supports Multiple mobile devices data seamlessly, for example , your phone have no power for watch a film, you can keep watching it at your tablet PC!

Fluid system experience

Android 5.0 Ushered in the new framework, bid farewell to the JAVA virtual machine, Performance improvements as much as four times.

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How to Install Language Pack in Windows 8 / Windows 8.1

Hello, all the windows tablet fans! We have got this problem many times. Now we teach you how to insatll the language pack in windows 8/8.1. All windows tablet on TinyDeal>>

First, download the language pack. (Compatible with Win8/8.1)

And then, extract the language pack, find the language you want to install.

Finally, follow the tutorial:

It’s very easy. Good Luck to you!

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ONDA V919 3G Air Dual Boot

ONDA V919 3G Air comes with dual-boot Android 4.4 KitKat and Windows 8.1. Users can switch between the two operating systems with the press of a button. Of course, since the tablet has two different operating systems onboard, its 64GB of internal storage might sound rather meager. However, the ONDA V919 3G Air tablet has a MicroSD card slot that accepts cards up to 128GB in size, so you shouldn’t run out of storage too quickly.

ONDA V919 3G Air equips with Intel Atom Z3736F 64 bit quad-core CPU, 9.7 inch Retina Screen, 2GB RAM + 64GB ROM. It supports 3G WCDMA network, you can make phone calls in Android system. Read more specifications: ONDA V919 3G Air>>

Here is the comparison between ONDA Dual Boot and Other Dual Boot:

ONDA spends huge amounts of money to unite the world’s top insyde BIOS, create easier-to-use and perfect dual boot. Seckill other dual boot thoroughly with four leading technologies. ore simple to switch system with one-click; more stable original BIOS technology; no need to turn on/off tablet frequently, lossless battery and hardware; system can separate partitions, adjust the default boot system, more humane.

ONDA V919 3G Air supports 3G network, you can surf the Internet and make calls (in Android system) with 3G WCDMA and 2G GSM network, enjoy the faster 3G wireless experience.

Besides, more dual boot tablet is on sale now, such as TECLAST X98 Air 3G, TECLAST X98 Air II, TECLAST X80h, TECLAST X16HD 3G, TECLAST X10HD 3G, TECLAST X89, ONDA V891w, ONDA V820w. All dual boot tablets>>

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Ramos i9s Pro: seamless switching between Android and Windows

The dual-boot Ramos i9 Pro is out now with its big draw being its quick switch between Windows and Android.

It’s powered by an Intel Atom Z3735F quad-core processor and has a respectable 64GB of storage, which is further expandable via microSD.

The battery’s a hefty 8000mAh too, and there are a number of accessories made for this model, including a Bluetooth keyboard and cases.

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TECLAST X10HD 3G: 10.1 inch Ultra Retina, Dual OS, 64GB ROM

This is a 10.1-inch IPS screen at 2560 x 1600 with an Intel Z3736F at a peak frequency of 2.16GHz, 2GBs of RAM, 64GBs of internal storage, microSD card slot, micro-HDMI-out, microUSB port (OTG), Bluetooth 4.0, docking connector (for a keyboard), WiDi, GPS via China-compatible 3G (WCDMA + GSM), and an 8,000 mAh battery. It’s dual-boot Android/Windows 8.1.

Of course, TECLAST X10HD 3G can’t really split-screen Android and Windows. That’s for dramatic effect — but for those who aren’t paying attention, it could be misleading. To be clear, TECLAST X10HD 3G must be booted into Android or Windows.

TECLAST X10HD 3G is on sale now in China. TinyDeal will get it on the shelves on Dec. 24th 2014. Please continue to focus on TinyDeal.

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Ocarina: A Instrument with Wonderful Tone


The ocarina belongs to a very old family of instruments, believed to date back over 12,000 years. Ocarina-type instruments have been born and played an important role in long history of song and dance in Chinese, Mesoamerican and other countries’ cultures.

In 1998, the ocarina featured in the Nintendo 64 video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, attracting a marked increase in interest and a dramatic rise in sales. It also featured later in other games in the The Legend of Zelda series


There are many different styles of ocarinas varying in shape and the number of holes:

Transverse style ocarinas: This is the best known style of ocarina. It has a rounded shape and is held with two hands horizontally. The most common transverse ocarinas are 10-hole and 12-hole.

Pendants style ocarinas: Divided in English Pendant and Peruvian Pendant. English Pendant ones are very small and portable, and use an English fingering system (4–6 holes). Peruvian Pendant ones, which have are 8–9 holes with designs of animals, are used for festivals, rituals and ceremonies.

Inline – These are often called a “fusion” of the pendant and transverse ocarinas. This style is known for being very small and compact, with more holes than the pendant. This allows one to ascend in pitch with the linear finger pattern rather than finger combinations.

Learn & Play

If you are a beginner of playing ocarina, a six-hole ocarina will be the best style to learn on, as it is generally inexpensive, light, and easily produce a wide range of notes with very few finger patterns.

When you get a six-hole ocarina, you can check if it comes with an instrument chart or other instructions on how to play the instrument or not. If it did, then study the chart to see which holes you have to cover to produce a specific note.

If you have learned the 6-hole ocarina and can play some song, you can try to learn about the 12-hole ocarina.

After learning, you will find that the melodious tone from this small ocarina which you play. That must be one of the greatest feelings. Play it, and enjoy it!

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Magic Buckyballs

Buckyballs-composed by 216 strong neodymium magnet beads, is a great Stress Relief Desktop Toys and famous around the worlds

Due to the mutual attraction between the mini magnet poles, these small magnets cube can be combined in to any geometry freely. Your creation can control Buckyballs building toy & merge in to 216 creation fields. You will come up with limitless shapes with no name, since you are the first person to create them. This also means that your creation is with a ridiculous reply value.

You can improve your intuitive perception of geometry and mathematics simply via the Buckyballs construction toy. Because Geometry requires a strong spatial imagination, Buckyballs educational toy as a teaching tool can improve the geometrical subjects effectively.

The Buckyballs is indeed a cool magnetic building intellectual toy. Compared to the other types of Intelligence toys, Buckyballs magnetic building toy can simulate your brain, both left and right side, so you can benefit more from it. When playing the Buckyballs magnetic construction toy, you have to use not only the space imagination and creativity, but also your logical thinking ability, and even mathematical knowledge, making it possible to exercise both side of the brain.

The best perk of your Buckyballs is the capability to relieve stress. The buckyballs effectiveness to alleviate stress is essential to its design, individual magnetic balls form your Buckyballs and gives it a design unlike any other Like other stress relief tools, your Buckyballs can be molded, shaped, twisted, contorted, and crushed to ease stress and soothe mood Buckyballs is unique from other stress relief tools because you can demolish the Buckyballs and put it back together effortlessly. With Buckyballs you can mold infinite arrangements of shapes that you will love to flaunt, and create plenty of patterns that are unique, and have never even been seen before!

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