What is COB LED? What Advantages?

In this article, we are going to introduce you some basic knowledge about COB LED, which is a new trend of LED light bulb development. We wish this information can help you to select LED Light Bulb more wisely.

1.  What is COB LED?

LED is the abbreviation of lighting emitting diode. All LED lighting is made up of a light package in one form or other.  A COB or ‘chips on board’ light is a type of led package. COB LED means chip on board LED. It’s one of bare chip technologies, which interconnect bare chip to substrate by conductive or non-conductive adhesive, and then wire bonding to achieve its electrical connection. COB package is attach number of chips directly to the substrate, then packaged together by silica gel, epoxy resin or other materials, the yellow part is phosphor.

2.  What advantages the COB LED have?

First, heat dissipation is a very important aspect of LED lighting because it can have a major impact on the life expectancy of the luminaire. Traditional LED chips are not placed directly on the substrate. In COB lighting, single LED chips are placed directly on a circuit board (or substrate) which has thermal properties to disperse heat. Therefore COB LED has greater thermal resistance.

Second, due to the COB packaging technology, COB lights can have a higher LED chip density and therefore achieve higher light levels while maintaining or improving life expectancy.

Third, COB packaging can allow manufacture to place chips of different color together. As the light color of LED is actually a mix of red, blue, yellow and so on. COB packaging enhances the color rendering. Moreover, as chips are on the same board, its light appearance is more uniform than traditional LED.

To sum up, the advantages of COB LED has:

  • Better life expectancy
  • higher light levels on the same space
  • more stability and reliability
  • more uniform light appearance
  • greater color rendering

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Necessary Gadgets for Lazy Bones

Novel strawberry stem gem huller

Do you love to eat strawberries? Do you still feel trouble to remove the stems of strawberries? Now I am recommending one small gadget to you. The darling, called strawberry stem gem huller, is designed specifically for soft fruits with pedicle, such as strawberry, tomato, persimmon and much more. Easy-to-spot design makes the darling easy to find in a drawer of other kitchen tools. What’s more, It is so easy to use, just simply push, insert, release, twist, and then you can take pedicle. See, how convenient it is. In addition, you won’t worry about dirty your hands any more. With it, your life will become more convenient. So if you don’t want to spend so much time on removing the stems of soft fruits or dirty your hands, go with the darling to get more convenience and more flavor. What a smart choice you make! If you are also a strawberries dessert lover, I just want to yell how lucky you are! With it, it is so convenient to make strawberry cake, strawberry pizza, strawberry margarita jelly and strawberry frozen yogurt for you anytime. You see, the lazy also can make their life more fun!

Electric Self Stirring Coffee Cup

I need a cup of coffee to refresh myself every afternoon because I can’t pay attention to my work. It is ok. Coffee is necessary for office life. The problem is that I used to have to find out my coffee spoon everywhere and need to wash it in the tea room far from my office. This was a kind of torture for the lazy, like me. However, one day I found out this coffee and bought one. It is called electric stirring coffee cup. With the cup, now I just press the button on the handle, it would mix stir my coffee perfectly. I can enjoy my tasty coffee easily. More, with super mute motor, you don’t hear any sound. So ultra-quiet. It is really magic and practical.  Using the magic cup, I could stir tea, coffee, hot chocolate easily. Sometimes I used it to stir egg. Unluckily, I just succeeded few times. OK, It is great company for the lazy tea or coffee lover. Hey, don’t tell me you are still finding your spoons anywhere. Who see my coffee spoon? It is too fun. For a lazy or cool guy, you all need a more skillfully plan. As you can see the cup, it wisely to help you get things done. Just have one, Let it bring convenience to you and make you so cool.

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New Kitchenware Collections in Fall

Do you like cooking? Do you want to help your wife to do more delicious food on your table? In here, I do recommend for you. Autumn has come, Tinydeal launched many attractive kitchenware products. For a man who loves his family, a member who loves his kitchen, you must can not miss it. Here I introduce to you for a few special, practical, affordable new products. Making delicious dishes, how can less of them??!!

Spiral Slicer Hourglass Style Shredder Fruit Vegetables Spiral Tool

This is a magical hourglass shred of fruits and vegetables. It can shred, also can slice, is very nice. The size of the shred it Looks like noodles as usual we eat, the taste is very good. It also can be used to slice, the shape just like flower petals, very good-looking.

This handy slicer creates beautiful mounds of julienne, carrots, zucchini, cucumbers and other vegetables for garnishing, toppings and salad etc.

2-in-1 multi-kill fish finder

This for people who love to eat fish, really can’t miss it. It helps us to solve the former trouble to kill fish. Use this multi-kill fish finder to kill fish, it can be easily cut off the scales of fish, and can be very fast to get rid of the fish belly visceral. Very convenient.

Stainless Steel Meat Hammer Needle Loose Meat Steak Tool

Do you think the meat you cook has not delicious enough? Do you want to cook meat on the outside and inside with good taste? Here is the place to realize your wishes. This is a meat hammer of tenderizer with a stainless steel needle inside, it can stab some small holes on the top of meat, so when we boiled pork, the delicious sauce can penetrate the meat inside, the taste can be very refreshing. This is Suitable for pork, beef, chicken, duck etc. It is helpful for Food lovers who love to make delicious pork chops or beef chops.

There are many practical and interesting kitchenware. Do you want to know more about that, please click here.

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Fill an eGo-T Tank

Familiarize Yourself With Your eGo-T

eGo-T e-cigarette has three basic parts: a battery, the tank atomizer and the tank cartridge combo. The tank cartridge is a removable component and features a hole at the bottom that lets the e-liquid slowly drip into the atomizer.

Filling the eGo-T Tank Cartridge

1. When you open your eGo-T e-cigarette, you’ll notice that there is a large cover made of soft plastic on the end of your eGo-T tank. Remove the cover, but don’t throw it away — you’ll need it to reseal the bottom of the tank later if you want to swap e-liquid flavors. Under the soft cover, you’ll find a smaller plastic cap.

2. Place your fingernail or a wedge under the hard plastic cap on the tank, then pry it open and pop the lid off. While it is made out of hard plastic, make sure to be careful with it to refrain from damaging it. This could affect how well your eGo-T tank performs.

3. Fill your eGo-T tank, but make sure that you don’t fill it to the top. You should leave a small amount of your tank empty for the best e-smoking experience. When you’re done, place the cap back on your tank. It should snap into place easily.

4. Take the atomizer and screw it on the battery. Ensure that it’s secure.

5. Take your filled tank and push it into the atomizer. Make sure that it fits snugly. If this is your first time using the eGo-T right out of the package, you’ll feel a firm “snap” when the nozzle inside of the tank atomizer punctures the plastic seal.

6. Press the button on your eGo-T battery and prepare to enjoy a long-lasting and satisfying e-smoking experience.

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26650 Tree of Life Mod

26650 Tree of Life Mechanical Mod is the bigger version of the regular size Tree of Life mod. The quality and performance on this device is undeniable. It has the copper and adjustable contacts as well as the locking ring.


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Copper Contacts
  • Telescopic Positive Pin
  • Reverse Threaded Locking Ring
  • Spring Loaded Bottom-firing Switch
  • Serialized (Located on Inner Part of Switch)
  • Grooves for Atomizer Airflow on Top Cap

The Tree of Life is a well-engineered mod that excels at balancing craftsmanship and functionality. This introduction to the Earth Series is an excellent device for both new and experienced vapers. Whether used daily, or only now and then, the Tree of Life will meet your needs and encourage you to enjoy this element of vaping!

You can buy 26650 tree of life mod clone at CigaBuy.com

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How about the RK3288 U-BOX?

Recently all kinds of Android boxes could be found on Websites. But no new technologies, only the RK3288 CPU is preparing for listing. Now there is a TV BOX which built-in RK3288 chip processor. Their manufacturers give it a new name – U-Box.

Firstly let us find some information about RK3288. The A17 and A12, A17 is improved based on A12. So we can also call the A17 as A12r1, that’s more reasonable.

Back to our U-Box, here is configuration:

CPU: ARM Cortex-A17 Quad-core 1.8

GPU: Quad Core Mali-T764



HDMI: 2.0

Bluetooth 4.0

WIFI: 802.11 a/b/g/n

Support OpenGL ES 3.0/DirectX 11

H.265 video coding

OS: Android 4.4.2

Show the mainboard configuration diagram from official website. There is only minor defect, it isn’t the USB3.0 interface.

Appearance of Appreciation:

With 2 USB2.0 interface and TF card slot by the side.

Power port, AV, HDMI2.0, USB and Micro USB interface, equipped with many heat emission holes, it means the better cooling effect

Internal Disassemble:

We can see the Mic, WiFi antenna is put on the top of shell

Starting UP Interface:

Finally it is the AnTuTu Benchmark. It’s so easy to do explode SAMSUNG S5, LG and Xiaomi.

Click here for more choice.

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The Best 7 inch Tablet – No Better

Huawei normally launches cheap, cheerful and plastic devices but it has step things up a level with the new MediaPad X1. The Chinese firm claims it’s the most slender tablet in its class so we’ve taken a look at MWC in Barcelona. See the best tablets of 2014.

TD price : HUAWEI Honor Mediapad X1 4G $379.99/ €287.30

This is basically just a gigantic phone, with little to make it easy to use one-handed. Huawei does its best by offering small bezels — less than 3mm on the left and right sides — and extreme thinness of 7.18mm. It accomplishes this thickness with an impressive build quality of an all-glass front and aluminum back and sides that uses an interesting nanotechnology to keep it rigid. It has a bright and bold display, decent battery life and its camera can snap some good pictures too. Pop in a 4G LTE SIM card and you can use the tablet exactly as you would use a phone.

TD Recommended: LENOVO S5000-H 7″ IPS Android 4.2.2 MTK8389 Quad-core 3G Tablet Phone w/ WiFi Bluetooth GPS $193.99/146.67€

CHUWI VX1 7″ OGS IPS Screen Android 4.2.2 MTK8382 Quad-core 3G Tablet Phone w/ WiFi Bluetooth GPS $142.99/108.11€


The 7-inch display has a Full HD (1,920×1,200-pixel) resolution, which gives a pixel density of 314 pixels per inch. That’s a step below the 326 of the iPad mini’s Retina display, but it’s really not a difference you’ll ever notice.

It’s a crisp, sharp screen with Full HD resolution. I found the X1′s display to be very crisp, with sharp edges around icons and a comfortable clarity to small text in Web pages. It’s too bright.

Colours are vivid as well, and it has decent viewing angles, making it a great all-round display for watching movies and TV shows when you’re lying in bed or sitting on the toilet.

TD Recommended: TECLAST P79HD 3G 7″ IPS Retina Screen Android 4.2.2 Quad-core 3G Tablet Phone w/ Miracast GPS Bluetooth $159.99/120.96€

Cube Talk9X 9.7″ Retina IPS Screen Android 4.4 Octa-core 3G Tablet Phone w/ GPS Bluetooth Miracast $219.99/166.33€

Software and processor

On the inside, Huawei is going with a  Kirin 910 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM — in our time with the device the UI seems snappy and fluid with not a single slowdown.

Huawei has customised Android on the X1 with its Emotion interface. It’s quite different from the stock Android experience, so you might not immediately realise you’re on older software. The major change is that there’s no grid-like app list. Instead, all of your installed apps are strewn across up to six homescreens.

TD Recommended: FNF ifive mini 3GS 7.9″ Retina Android 4.4 Octa-core 3G Tablet Phone w/ 5G Wifi Bluetooth GPS $189.99/143.63€

ONDA V989 9.7″ Retina Screen Android 4.4 Octa-core 32GB Tablet PC w/ Bluetooth 4.0 Mircast HDMI ETC-325015 $214.98/162.54€


The battery is an interesting area of the MediaPad X1 so we’re keen to test this out in the lab. Huawei claims that in general use, the large 5000mAh battery can last between 20 and 25 hours. Specifically it can last for 15 hours of web browsing or playback of eight locally stored films. The tablet can also be used to charge other devices with its Reverse Charging function – potentially a life saver.


Parts of our 4G network enable a fastest 4G service. It is capable of delivering download speeds up to 100Mbps and in some 4G areas up to 150Mbps download. That means our Fastest 4G is 50% faster than our standard 4G!

You can experience our Fastest 4G network on a selection of devices and mobile plans.

That’s super fast!

TD Recommended: ONDA V819 4G 8″ IPS Screen Android 4.3 Marvell1920 Quad-core 4G Tablet Phone w/ GPS Bluetooth Miracast $159.99/120.96€

THL L969 5″ IPS MTK6582 Quad Core Android 4.4.2 4G LTE Phone with WiFi Display Smart Wake $139.99/105.84€

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Car DVR FAQ & Notes

1. What is “car DVR”, and how does it works?

The car DVR is a portable Car Digital Video Recorder with a wide angle lens that captures high definition video (30 fps) and displays them on its 2.7″ TFT LCD Screen, . It automatically records and save the video/ audio files on TF memory card (up to 32GB). Files can be saved per 2 minutes, 5 minutes or 10 minutes segment with recycle recording, and can be played on itself,  your computer or TV; With the included Car DVR suction mount, it can be mounted on your windshield then connect the power plug to your cigarette lighter socket, the installation just within minutes.

2. Can my car DVR continue recording after my car engine is shut-down?

If your automobile electrical circuit on the cigarette lighter socket always hot, you may have the car DVR always on, until you turn the car DVR unit power off or battery runs out

3. Do I need software to play recorded videos from my car DVR?

No software is needed. You may direct play recorded videos from car DVR unit, connect to your TV via AV cable, or connect to your computer via USB cable, HDMI cable (available for some models).

4. What kind of memory card should I use?

We recommend using class 4 or higher class TF memory card. Memory card has its own lifespan and my not be able to store new data after certain period of time; Therefore, the price paid may decide the durability of memory card.

5. Where should I mount the car DVR?

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Allwinner A33: an Extremely Power-Efficient Quad Core Processor

3 June, 2014 – Allwinner Technology, a worldwide leader in mobile application processor design, today proudly announces its brand-new A33, an extremely power efficient processor based on four Cortex-A7 CPUs and Mali400MP2 GPU.

Targeted at the entry-level tablet market, A33 is a quad-core processor combining four power-efficient Cortex-A7 CPUs with the proven Mali400MP2 GPU architecture. A33 includes the following features:

•  ARM Cortex-A7 quad-core CPU architecture
•  Mali-400 MP2 GPU architecture
•  1080p@60ftps video playback and capture
•  Integrated Hi-Fi audio codec
•  SmartColor display system
•  Integrated MIPI DSI controller, up to 1280×800

Allwinner designs theA33 SoC to enable stunning battery life experience for end devices with uncompromised system performance through a balanced combination of several features, including low power Cortex-A7 CPU architecture, advanced fabrication process, optimized DDR technology, hardware 1080p video process support, low power Talking standby mode support during voice call application, low power MIPI DSI interface, etc, making A33-powered tablets power consumption even lower than dual-core tablets.

Unique SmartColor Display

Traditional color adjustment algorithms without human skin protection function, the human skin is adjusted together with other areas of an image, which makes skin look over-saturated and unnatural.
SmartColor, unique to Allwinner processors, is a kind of image post-processing technology used to deliver more gorgeous and eye-pleasing visual effects by enhancing image saturation and providing skin tone protection.

Ultra Low Power Consumption: 300 hour standby

A33 achieves low power through a balanced combination of several features: Ultra energy-efficient Cortex-A7 CPU cores, an advanced fabrication process, optimized DVFS technology, and a unique Talking Standby mode that allows extremely low power consumption during voice calls.
Test results indicate that the power consumption of tablets based on A33 quad-core is lower than its quad-core competitors, and even lower than most dual cores. When using a 4000mAh battery, tablets based on A33 can standby for more than 300 hours, equivalent to 6.5 hours of local 1080p video playback.

After its announcement during Computex 2014, Allwinner A33 has now kicked off mass production in July. Quad-core tablets based on A33 are now available to end users worldwide in various resolutions.

In order to let our extensive consumers buy favorite and affordable tablets, 3 tablets powered by Allwinner A33 have made it to the shelves on TinyDeal. There are Laude V33, IPPO V11 and ONDA V702. And all of them are very cheap.

Laude V33     $85.99,      BUY NOW>>

IPPO V11      $99.99,      BUY NOW>>

ONDA V702   $62.99,      BUY NOW>>

Note: Price may change a bit due to fluctuation of currency exchange rates; please refer to our website price at the point of time.

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the Upgrade of PIPO M9 Pro——PIPO P9

PIPO complete its range of RK3288 Quad Core tablets with 10.1 inch tablet PIPO P9. This new tablet is also adopting the latest RK3288 quad core chipset from Rockchip. Following the PIPO P1 which is the firstly adopting RK3288, PIPO released several similar tablets, such as PIPO P4 and PIPO P9. Today, I will share this new tablet, PIPO P9 with you all.

To start with the PIPO P9, it is an upgrade of the M9 Pro tablet which was released last year running on RK3188 CPU and became one of the popular tablets on tinydeal.com. The PIPO P9 features a 10.1 inch screen with 1920 x 1200 resolution, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, 8 MP camera on the back (2 MP on the front) and runs on Android 4.2 out of the box. No worries, a KitKat update should be available soon. To power everything, there is a 8800 mAh battery inside.

Detailed Specifications of PIPO P9:

● Display: 10.1″, 1920*1200 Full HD (16;10)
● Touch Panel: Capacitive 10-touch
● CPU: Rockchip 3288 Cortex A17,1.8GHz, Quad-core CPU+Quad-core GPU
● Operation System: Android 4.4
● Camera: Front 2M, back 8M auto focus, flashlight
● WiFi: 802.11b/g/n
● Internal 3G built-in: Optional (data only)
● Bluetooth 4.0:Yes
● Built-in GPS receiver
● Sensor: G-sensor, Gyro sensor
● Others: E-compass, Micro SD slot, mic, speakers, mini HDMI output
● Multimedia:Audio, Video, Photo,ebook,game, email, internet…
● Battery capacity: 37Wh
●Supports 4K video decode

RK3288 is the latest product from Rockchip, we have done several test and compared it with RK3188, the result, the performance is nearly 80% enhanced. This RK3288 is based on Cortex A17 framework, and 28nm engineering technology, the frequency is 1.8Ghz.The GPU is the Mali T764. Compared with the Mali 400 MP4, the performance is enhanced by 500%. So this PIPO P9 can run some big 3D games very easily. More important, RK3288 can support H.265 decode by hardware. If you want, you can output the HD video to your HD TV at home.

RK3188 VS RK3288

PIPO P9 provides a support of the huge 4K resolution. It is four times higher than accustomed Full HD resolution. Due to powerful GPU, PIPO P9 will demonstrate smooth playback of high resolution files without any problems. Promised HDMI interface realize the ability to connect PIPO P9 tablet to HDTV or projector and enjoy high-quality video by the whole family.

PIPO P9 supports small window, you can do other things while watching videos, and runs very smooth.

Compared with M9 pro, the cameras built in are also enhanced. The front camera is 2M pixels, and rear one is 8M pixels. The M9 pro comes with one 5M pixels rear camera.

It’s low-cost but reliable device with RK3288. For now, it is available for sale on tinydeal.com, and the price is only $265.99.  BUY NOW>>

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