Car DVR FAQ & Notes

1. What is “car DVR”, and how does it works?

The car DVR is a portable Car Digital Video Recorder with a wide angle lens that captures high definition video (30 fps) and displays them on its 2.7″ TFT LCD Screen, . It automatically records and save the video/ audio files on TF memory card (up to 32GB). Files can be saved per 2 minutes, 5 minutes or 10 minutes segment with recycle recording, and can be played on itself,  your computer or TV; With the included Car DVR suction mount, it can be mounted on your windshield then connect the power plug to your cigarette lighter socket, the installation just within minutes.

2. Can my car DVR continue recording after my car engine is shut-down?

If your automobile electrical circuit on the cigarette lighter socket always hot, you may have the car DVR always on, until you turn the car DVR unit power off or battery runs out

3. Do I need software to play recorded videos from my car DVR?

No software is needed. You may direct play recorded videos from car DVR unit, connect to your TV via AV cable, or connect to your computer via USB cable, HDMI cable (available for some models).

4. What kind of memory card should I use?

We recommend using class 4 or higher class TF memory card. Memory card has its own lifespan and my not be able to store new data after certain period of time; Therefore, the price paid may decide the durability of memory card.

5. Where should I mount the car DVR?

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Allwinner A33: an Extremely Power-Efficient Quad Core Processor

3 June, 2014 – Allwinner Technology, a worldwide leader in mobile application processor design, today proudly announces its brand-new A33, an extremely power efficient processor based on four Cortex-A7 CPUs and Mali400MP2 GPU.

Targeted at the entry-level tablet market, A33 is a quad-core processor combining four power-efficient Cortex-A7 CPUs with the proven Mali400MP2 GPU architecture. A33 includes the following features:

•  ARM Cortex-A7 quad-core CPU architecture
•  Mali-400 MP2 GPU architecture
•  1080p@60ftps video playback and capture
•  Integrated Hi-Fi audio codec
•  SmartColor display system
•  Integrated MIPI DSI controller, up to 1280×800

Allwinner designs theA33 SoC to enable stunning battery life experience for end devices with uncompromised system performance through a balanced combination of several features, including low power Cortex-A7 CPU architecture, advanced fabrication process, optimized DDR technology, hardware 1080p video process support, low power Talking standby mode support during voice call application, low power MIPI DSI interface, etc, making A33-powered tablets power consumption even lower than dual-core tablets.

Unique SmartColor Display

Traditional color adjustment algorithms without human skin protection function, the human skin is adjusted together with other areas of an image, which makes skin look over-saturated and unnatural.
SmartColor, unique to Allwinner processors, is a kind of image post-processing technology used to deliver more gorgeous and eye-pleasing visual effects by enhancing image saturation and providing skin tone protection.

Ultra Low Power Consumption: 300 hour standby

A33 achieves low power through a balanced combination of several features: Ultra energy-efficient Cortex-A7 CPU cores, an advanced fabrication process, optimized DVFS technology, and a unique Talking Standby mode that allows extremely low power consumption during voice calls.
Test results indicate that the power consumption of tablets based on A33 quad-core is lower than its quad-core competitors, and even lower than most dual cores. When using a 4000mAh battery, tablets based on A33 can standby for more than 300 hours, equivalent to 6.5 hours of local 1080p video playback.

After its announcement during Computex 2014, Allwinner A33 has now kicked off mass production in July. Quad-core tablets based on A33 are now available to end users worldwide in various resolutions.

In order to let our extensive consumers buy favorite and affordable tablets, 3 tablets powered by Allwinner A33 have made it to the shelves on TinyDeal. There are Laude V33, IPPO V11 and ONDA V702. And all of them are very cheap.

Laude V33     $85.99,      BUY NOW>>

IPPO V11      $99.99,      BUY NOW>>

ONDA V702   $62.99,      BUY NOW>>

Note: Price may change a bit due to fluctuation of currency exchange rates; please refer to our website price at the point of time.

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the Upgrade of PIPO M9 Pro——PIPO P9

PIPO complete its range of RK3288 Quad Core tablets with 10.1 inch tablet PIPO P9. This new tablet is also adopting the latest RK3288 quad core chipset from Rockchip. Following the PIPO P1 which is the firstly adopting RK3288, PIPO released several similar tablets, such as PIPO P4 and PIPO P9. Today, I will share this new tablet, PIPO P9 with you all.

To start with the PIPO P9, it is an upgrade of the M9 Pro tablet which was released last year running on RK3188 CPU and became one of the popular tablets on The PIPO P9 features a 10.1 inch screen with 1920 x 1200 resolution, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, 8 MP camera on the back (2 MP on the front) and runs on Android 4.2 out of the box. No worries, a KitKat update should be available soon. To power everything, there is a 8800 mAh battery inside.

Detailed Specifications of PIPO P9:

● Display: 10.1″, 1920*1200 Full HD (16;10)
● Touch Panel: Capacitive 10-touch
● CPU: Rockchip 3288 Cortex A17,1.8GHz, Quad-core CPU+Quad-core GPU
● Operation System: Android 4.4
● Camera: Front 2M, back 8M auto focus, flashlight
● WiFi: 802.11b/g/n
● Internal 3G built-in: Optional (data only)
● Bluetooth 4.0:Yes
● Built-in GPS receiver
● Sensor: G-sensor, Gyro sensor
● Others: E-compass, Micro SD slot, mic, speakers, mini HDMI output
● Multimedia:Audio, Video, Photo,ebook,game, email, internet…
● Battery capacity: 37Wh
●Supports 4K video decode

RK3288 is the latest product from Rockchip, we have done several test and compared it with RK3188, the result, the performance is nearly 80% enhanced. This RK3288 is based on Cortex A17 framework, and 28nm engineering technology, the frequency is 1.8Ghz.The GPU is the Mali T764. Compared with the Mali 400 MP4, the performance is enhanced by 500%. So this PIPO P9 can run some big 3D games very easily. More important, RK3288 can support H.265 decode by hardware. If you want, you can output the HD video to your HD TV at home.

RK3188 VS RK3288

PIPO P9 provides a support of the huge 4K resolution. It is four times higher than accustomed Full HD resolution. Due to powerful GPU, PIPO P9 will demonstrate smooth playback of high resolution files without any problems. Promised HDMI interface realize the ability to connect PIPO P9 tablet to HDTV or projector and enjoy high-quality video by the whole family.

PIPO P9 supports small window, you can do other things while watching videos, and runs very smooth.

Compared with M9 pro, the cameras built in are also enhanced. The front camera is 2M pixels, and rear one is 8M pixels. The M9 pro comes with one 5M pixels rear camera.

It’s low-cost but reliable device with RK3288. For now, it is available for sale on, and the price is only $265.99.  BUY NOW>>

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FNF ifive mini4 is arriving with RK3288

Last time, I wrote a blog that “FNF ifive mini4 will arrive soon?”. I look forward to buy FNF Ifive mini4 for a long time. Now, FNF Ifive mini4 actually comes to us. Let’s see what FNF Ifive mini4 really is.

Computing power in the coming FNF ifive mini4 provide 4-core Rockchip RK3288, whose cores are based on the architecture of the Cortex-A17 and the maximum clock frequency is 1.8 GHz. Is responsible for the graphics, while the 16-core graphics chip ARM Mali-T764, which receives support from the 2-gigabyte of RAM. The Google Android version 4.4 will be presented at the KitKat 7.9-inch display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, which translates into 324 pixels per inch. Also on board tablet with dimensions of 198.7 x 134 x 7.5 mm and weighing 330 grams will visit: slot for a micro SD card, 8-megapixel main camera, front camera of 2 megapixel sensor, dual-band network card working in a standard ac, and battery with a capacity of 5600 mAh. Below it detailed specifications.

The tablet on the left is FNF ifive mini4, and on the right is TECLAST X89HD. Powered by RK3288, the screen of FNF ifive mini4 was very sensitive. Of course, TECLAST X89HD also did well.

FNF ifive mini4 equips with 7.9 inch Retina screen, 2048*1536. It’s very clear and true. I buy it without hesitation and enjoy my favorite movies and games.

Compared with TECLAST X89HD, the size of FNF ifive mini4 is smaller. It’s very convenient to take it everywhere.

From the figure, we can see the extend port: TF Card Slot, Micro USB Port, 3.5mm Earphones Port.  Reads max 32GB TF memory card, we have more storage to save more photos and movies.

I watched several movies with FNF ifive mini4. Smooth, clear and the speaker is loud enough.

I like to read e-books in my spare time. The screen of FNF ifive mini4 is so clear that give me a good reading experience.

FNF ifive mini4 based on the RK3288 CPU. But how powerful is it? First, I tested FNF ifive mini4 with Antutu.

It’s 38772 scores! High scores doesn’t mean smooth and good experience. It also depends on system optimization. According to my past experience on the products of FNF, the UI of FNF is really smooth. I like it very much.

Let’s see 3D mark tests.

Besides, I play many big games with FNF ifive mini4, such as Asphalt 8:Airborne and Modern Combat 5: Blackout. FNF ifive mini4 runs smoothly.

In general, FNF ifive mini4 is one of the best tablets I have ever used. Equip with Retina screen, the screen is so clear. With 2GB RAM and RK3288, FNF ifive mini4 runs smoothly. As the upgrade version of ifive mini3, FNF ifive mini4 is a recommended product. I recommend you to buy.

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Write Reviews to Get APV

We’d like to introduce a contest on cigabuy: Write a short review of your favorite personal vaporizer, you have the chance to win a free APV listed in the page.

How to Enter: Write a short review of your personal vaporizer in that page. And tell which Wattage do you prefer.
How to win: We’ll do draw from all the participants. Totally 1 winner will be selected and randomly reward an APV.The contest ends on Aug,11th. We’ll announce the result on AUG 11TH.
Note: CigaBuy reserves the rights for this contest.

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Pragon Mod

The Paragon is made of carbon fiber for the body so it doesn’t get hot, with copper underneath to be most conductive, and brass pins because it’s more durable. The button is also recessed to make locking and unlocking unnecessary when laying down on a table. Every bit of this mod is copper including all of the connections with the exception of the insulators and carbon fiber wrapping!


  • Full copper body and contacts for high conductivity
  • Adjustable 510 connection to ensure a flush look
  • Adjustable positive and negative battery connections to ensure a good connection and eliminate battery rattle
  • Carbon fiber wrapping prevents heat from getting to your hand
  • Reverse threaded locking switch ring
  • 22mm diameter x 95mm long

The original Paragon costs almost $200, while pragon clone only takes approx. $20~$40. You can buy Paragon Mod clone at with only $20

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EVOD-V V3 Battery


EVOD-V V3 is a VV/ VW switchable battey with LCD display. Compared to APV mod, it features a lightweight design and USB passthrough bottom. It’s updated version of vision/ctwist.


Clicking the power button 5 times steadily in 3 seconds will enable the battery. Repeat the process to disable it. meanwhile. the power button will blink 5 times during this operation.
Atomizer&clearomizer Compatibility
The Evod-V V3 has a standard 510/EGO connection For maximum compatibility

OHM Meter
The Digit screen will display load OHM automatically for 2 seconds when there is any connection load in the battery: while connecting a short-circuit-Aatomize&Clearomizer(or its resistance is less than 1.2 OHM),it will show “LOR” and the battery won’t work even if you press the power button .you alsocan hold the “-”button simultaneously for 5 seconds to show the load OHM

evod-vv3 different mod show:

VV Mode
Voltage can be adjusted from 3.0V-6.0V in0.1V increment by simply pressing “+”and “-” buttons. Once you reach the higher or lower ends of the voltage it simply cycles around either way (for example: pushing down at 3.0 takes you to 6.0. pushing up at 6.0 takes you to 3.0)

VW Mode
Wattage can be adjusted from 3.0W-15.0W in 0.5W increment by simply pressing “+”and “-” buttons.
Once you reach the higher or lower ends of the voltage it simply cycles around either way

(for example: pushing down at 3.0 takes you to 15.0. pushing up at 15.0 takes you to 3.0)

Switch the Mode
Holding “+” button simultaneously for 5 seconds, the ego-vv3 will switch VV to VW or VW to VV. There are “V” or “W” symbols on the right side of digit display when you make the switch.

Lock the selected voltage or Wattage
You can lock the setting by holding the “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds after setting
your voltage or wattage , so no accidental voltage/wattage changes are made.

Repeating the process
to activate the buttons symbol shows on the digit display when they are locked and disappear when unlocked.
14 seconds safety cutoff
If the button is held down for 14 seconds or longer the Evod-V V3 will shut itself off and become locked.
until the button in released and unlock by 5 clicks of the button. protect you and the device from situations where it’s in your bag or pocket and something were to accidentally activate the switch without you knowing. important safety feature is very valuable in protecting you and preventing your Evod-V V3. atomizers and clearomizer overloaded.

Sleeping Mode
The digit display will enter sleeping mode and shut itself down if no operation on the“+” “-” buttons for
20 seconds. even if you press the power button.

USB Passthrough
You are able to use the battery when it’s charging.


Model EVOD-V V3 Battery
Battery capacity 1300 mAh
Working Voltage 3.0-6.0V
Working wattage 3.0-15.0W
Input DC 5V 500mA
Maximum Current Ouput 2.5Amperage
Batter weight 54g
Material Stainless Steel & Copper
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AR Mod Clone

The AR Mod clone has the same design and structure as original AR MOD. Ihas a smooth steel body that fits 18650 batteries. The rails look like a traditional AR-15 but they smoothed out and chamfered to fit comfortably and nicely in your hand. This patent pending design also allows your hands not to slide down the body tube like most traditional mods. This gives you a smooth grip in your hands to fire the octagonal shaped bottom button. All the contact pins in the AR Mod are copper to allow for maximum connectivity. We have done voltage drop test and the AR Mod has a voltage drop around .03-.05.

The AR Mod clone has knurled bottom cap and top cap designs to give the mod a rough looking design. There is a small chamfer on the top cap that comes to a point at 22mm to give a good flush look on all 22mm drippers. The top cap has 2 adjustable pins to fit each flat top and button top batteries. Each mod is cerakoted black to give it that military look as well as protect your mod! Each AR Mod has been tested to ensure each mod works properly.


The full AR MOD weighs in at 193 grams / 6.82 oz (without a battery)

3.37″ tall (body only)

1″ wide

4.2″ Total body length with top and bottom caps

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E-cigarette Contest

This week, cigabuy e-cigarette works with tinydeal to make a contest. The contest is about writing your own Caption as comment for this photo to win e-cig

1st Prize: Bluetooth Vaporizer <>
2nd Prize: Kingfish KY-2 <>
3rd Prize: 30ml Hangsen Juice <>
How to Win:
1. The winners are selected by number of likes of your caption. You get more likes on your comment, you got more chance to win.
2. 8 winners will be chosen: 1 for 1st Prize, 2 for 2nd prize and 5 for 3rd prize
3. The contest will be ended at 4th Aug. Winners will be announced at 4th Aug afternoon.
4. Please try to keep your caption clean. We have rights to delete your comment if includes hatred, racism or anything inappropriate.
5. Note: #TinyDeal and #CigaBuy reserve the rights for this contest. And the participants are counted both on and Cigabuy E-cigarettes Facebook.

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THL T6S: The Latest Revolutionary – JDI Screen

JDI is an LCD technology joint venture by Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi. Nowadays, wide variety of LCD modules for mobile applications. Among them, JDI leads mobile display technologies with thin structure, large screen, high resolution, enhanced optical performance, etc. But you know what JDI screen and what is the difference between JDI screen and other screen?

What is JDI screen?
JDI screen as defined as one of the world’s best screen, it can raise rate of pixel openings, light transmittance, which reduce power consumption. JDI screen is one of the best screens today.

What’s the Difference Between JDI Screen and Other Screen?

Compared to other screens, JDI screen, transparent rate is much higher, such as THL t6s, compared with those of other using IPS, its transparent rate increase by more than 30% at least. Second, JDI screen have the unique LTPS technology, which can make the picture show higher ability to ascend. THL t6s is a good example, compared with other screen resolution, its brightness, exquisite, clarity, picture gorgeous degrees, etc., which has a remarkable performance.

What is the cheapest JDI screen quad core intelligent cell phone?

Now, in using JDI screen 4 core intelligent cell phone, the cheapest one is THL t6s, this handset is presell on TD with 89.99$ bottom price.
THL t6s, adopting MT6582 quad core CPU, 1.3 GHz; Mali-400 MP2; 1080 x 1920 resolution, 5 inch JDI screen; 8GB ROM, it support 32GB TF card expansion. It is built-in front 0.3 megapixel and rear 5.0 megapixel double camera.

In addition, THL t6s is presell at TD, from 8.1st – 8.10th, during this period, a secret gift package will be added as s bonus available to the first 1000 orders.

For the first 500 orders, a 17.36$ secret gift package is offered:

1 x 8GB TF card (6.03 $), 1 x 2600 power bank (3.98$), 1 x universal holder (1.39$), 1 x smart key (4.99$) and a dustproof plug (0.97$)

For 501-1000 orders, 1 x 8GB TF card (6.03$) will be offered.

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