Coffee is Lonely without Mugs, I am Lonely without You

In this busy society, everyone needs passion and the love to life. If you like drinking coffee, you can choose a special mug to contain your delicious coffee, it will take you more joys Or if you are not happy, you can make this special mug to your imagined cup, for example: let below lady take off her skirt!!

How can you do it? It is so easy. When you fill it with something hot, her skirt will disappear and her underwear will be revealed. Isn’t it sexy and hot? I think this cup is really gross, but if this might help boost your morning up, why don’t have a try.

This cup is a color changing cup. If you want more patterns, heart or girl & boy pattern must the first choice for lovers. It is the best sincere expressions of showing love to your loved ones. When your beloved see the changing process, I think she is very surprised and give you a happy kiss.

Do you want to know why it is magic? Their principle is: temperature materials printed in the cup body, the materials used are heat sensitive materials. When you see the mug, it looks like a conventional coffee mug. But, the real fun starts when you start pouring hot coffee or any other hot beverage, the mug literally changes its color. I think you can be a magician!!

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2 Responses to Coffee is Lonely without Mugs, I am Lonely without You

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