The MP3— A Good Companion

With the booming development of world economy, we tend to buy the latest products. Therefore, the MP3 is replaced by the MP4, MP5, iPod and so on. Indeed, they are more convenient than the MP3. Here I want to say the simple things may last for a longer time, just as our life, splendid at one time, but simple all the time. After all, the simple life can give us the forever passion.

When I was a high school student, I got a type of MP3 from my uncle. At that time, I was so excited. Everyday, I listened to the music I downloaded from internet. When I was tired and depressed, I used to taking out my MP3 to listen to the music. When I listened to the music, I felt so satisfied with my own world. I may show you one picture of MP3 which is similar to my former MP3.

In the high school, we bore the main stress of study. We had no time to do other things just study.  At that time, my MP3 was the only companion of my soul. As for me, it was not only a lifeless machine.

The functions of MP3 are less than other media players, but I just like it. Perhaps, it is a companion of mine.

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