Changing Mug

Do you believe it? There is a kind of mug that can change colors when you put the hot water into it. Now I will take you to this wonderful world.

The appearance and the design of this mug is very simple, just has two buttons on it–“ON” and “OFF”. When you put the hot water into the mug, the mug’s outer wall will gradually change from black to white, while black hidden, it will show up “ON” in front of you, OFF will disappear. When the mug cooled slowly, it will gradually change back to black, ON disappear again, OFF reappear.

With this mug, I believe your life will become colorful and happy because when you feel depress, this mug will bring you a new mood.

Do you want to try it? Come to

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2 Responses to Changing Mug

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    Thank you for the post, I found it very thorough.

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