DIY Green Science Potato Digital Clock

Can you make a digital clock by yourself? Do you know there is a set of kits can satisfy your wish? Today I will introduce a green science potato digital clock kit for you.

This clock kit is very interesting and novel. It includes one digital clock with wires, one connecting wire, two cups, one set of transparent tapes, two copper strips, two zinc strips and one user manual. What we see most is the kind of clock that needs one or two batteries, some even four batteries you must buy from shops after they do not work. However, this clock can help you to know how to make a real galvanic battery from potatoes to power a digital clock. The zinc and copper electrodes can create an electrochemical reaction to generate voltage. And then converts the chemical energy stored in the metal strips into electrical energy.

With this kit, you can know how to wire up a simple circuit. You may experiment with different liquids like salt water, fruit juices or fruit like lemon, orange, tomato besides potato. What is more, it can inspire your scientist spirit.

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  1. Everette Broomhall says:

    Now, there’s a poetic way to explain Twitter!