Warm in Your Room—–the Lamp

In our daily life, lamp plays a very important role .In our ancient time, we have no lights just candles. With the development of our living standard, lights become the basic need in our life.

Choosing a suitable lamp can meet your demand for light, but also an excellent decoration for your room. When you enter into the room, you want to be relaxed, so a harmony color is necessary. What the most important is that the lamp can protect your eyes and is bright enough for your reading and playing the computer. Therefore, a lamp with beautiful appearance, harmony color and bright light may be your first choice.

I think the lamp like that is hard to find, but several days ago, my friend bought a Paint Bucket lamp from tinydeal.com. When I first saw it, I thought it can meet my requests mostly.

First, I like the bucket on the top of it, especially the paint on it. The color pink on the support attack me deeply.

Second, it is made of en-friendly PP which have the function of anti-static, efficient anti-flaming, anti-aging.

Third, it can make me feel warm when I’m in my room.

I like the simple style without gorgeous decorations, strong colors, just with a light favor.

Just like my life, simple but happy.

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