How to Choose Screen Protector for Your Phone

Today there are many people rushing into Apple store to buy iPhone 4S near my company. When they go out with smile, I think first what they have to do is choose an Apple iPhone 4s screen protector after getting the iPhone.

We know the screen is easily scratched when using. If that happened, more or less it will influence the display effect. Now there are generally three kinds of cell phone screen protectors including high transparency screen protector (means crystal clear screen protector), matte screen protector, and glossy screen protector (means mirror screen protector).

1. From the name, the feature of crystal clear screen protector is higher light transmittance. Poor light transmittance screen protector cause damage to eyes, because the screen itself is low light luminance, if you put a poor light transmittance screen protector it will increase the fatigue of the eyes especially for the novel readers, game players by cell phone. Generally the good crystal clear screen protector will not only better display the screen color, but also can protect eyes, so the crystal clear screen protector has its irreplaceable advantage in this respect. However, general crystal clear screen protector has a problem. The people with oily skin or hand sweat will make the screen protector very dirty, thus influence the operation experience and sliding effect.

 2. Compared with highly permeable membranes, matte screen protector is insufficient slightly in the light transmittance. The screen with matte screen protector will be a little foggy, and the displaying effect will be relatively dim. However, the advantages of matte screen protector are that it doesn’t stick fingerprints and hand sweat, and the touch feeling is also comfortable and good, even if long time use it also won’t affect sliding the fluency.

3. The third screen protector is the mirror screen protector. From its name you can know that it can be used as mirror. I think it is fit for girls. When you haven’t a mirror at hand, you can take out your phone for make-up. But when you use the phone under the sun, you can’t see the screen clearly with mirror screen protector.

So please choose the screen protector according to your actual situation and give your phone screen a well protection.

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