Make Your iPhone 4G Become an Capable Cricket

Yesterday after I talked with my mother on the phone, I found it was time to give my iPhone 4G case a new look, it was so dirty. So I decided to go to look for a new and lovely iPhone case. Suddenly I found this one: cricket case. You don’t think it is simple and there is no specialty, it is beyond thought: its antenna plays different roles.

1. You can carry it on your wrist if you make its two antennas “kiss”. Press two antennas and make them connect tightly. So you can carry the iPhone everywhere without worry.

2. If you are angry and feel tired, you can tie the antennas as you like, or stretch the antennas to release your pressure and sadness. You don’t need it will be broken. It is made of silicone material and is stretchy.

3. It can also become an holder. Don’t believe? Let’s see how it stands.

4. It is a good cable winder.You don’t worry the cable are tangled. It is quite a simple alternative to manage cord length.

5. Sometimes it is naughty and will climb to your car window or mirror.

So which color is your favorite?

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  1. Brock Sibbald says:

    You happen to be welcome Jon!