Apple Peel Brother Invent Apple Disk

Do you remember “Apple Peel” that enables an Apple iPod touch with phone features? It is reported that the Apple Peel inventors launched a new product called “Apple Disk” recently. This Apple disk can avoid iTunes to solve the problem of data input and output.

More than a year ago, the “Apple Peel” inventors Pan Yong and Pan Lei launched a product called “Apple Peel 520″. After use the convertor, the users of iPod Touch can connect it to enable iTouch with all of iPhone’s features. So Pan Yong and Pan Lei were named as “Apple Peel Brother”. After a year of silence, the brothers recently released a new product – “Apple Pan”, that is Apple disk.

We know that if we download movies, music, or photos from iPhone, we need connect iPhone to the Apple’s application store, iTunes. For the new users, this program is quite complex. Moreover, the iPhone’s memory capacity is limited.

But Apple disk is to solve this problem. According to reports, the users just plug this square U disk into charging port of the iPhone, they can read this disk’s movies and music directly on the iPhone, and they can also copy photos directly from the iPhone to the disk – not connect to the computer, and also do not connect to App Store iTunes. This Apple disk applies to the computer, iPad and the iPod Touch, too. Besides, Apple disk has the same USB interface with other U disk.

If the new product is sold in the market, it will be sold well. However, the problem that how to treat the “Apple disk” by Apple company is still unknown.

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