What You Should Know About the Smart Cover for iPad 2

Although the new iPad released this March, we don’t forget iPad 2.Since iPad 2 was sold in 2011, Apple decided to release their own iPad 2 cover. This case is very popular among iPad 2 users for a variety of reasons, including its magnetic technology and ability to transform into an iPad 2 stand with multiple viewing angles.

There are a lot of iPad 2 cases that have been designed to provide multiple viewing angles for ease of use, but there aren’t many that have been able to effectively incorporate the “magnetic” technology that “wakes up” your iPad when the cover is removed and puts the device to “sleep” when applied, which is called smart cover.

The best gift you may give to a new iPad 2 user is surely the smart cover because it has a lot of colors and materials. The material and elements which iPad 2 smart covers are made relies on the color you chose. If you chose colors like orange, green, or light blue you will get polyurethane, on the other hand, if you chose black, red, or grey, you will get a leather type which is more expensive than polyurethane version.

However, what you should know is that these iPad 2 smart covers don’t cover the whole of your iPad, it just cover the screen. iPad 2 smart cover doesn’t provide any protection for your iPad 2 back, so you still need to use the iPad case with your smart cover at the same time. Fortunately, a lot of online shops began to produce new iPad 2 case that designed to work along with your smart cover. You don’t be annoyed.

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