Let’s Make a Sleeping Facial Mask

Today,I’m going to share how to use the sleeping facial mask . Among all of the mask products, this kind of mask is very easy to use. You will love it.
First of all, you should clean your face.
Step one:  According to the usual maintenance order, with according to the friction on the skin care products.
Step two: Mask painted in the palm of your hand and rub, apply the whole face to help absorb.
Step three: Avoiding the eye, gentle smear the mask from bottom to top on the way to mention the skin, the neck can also apply.
It is wash free. After all the procedures, you can go to sleep.
Continued use of 15 days ,more serious smallpox  will be controlled. And the bitter guard has the effect of the cured printed .Pox be controlled. Once every three days.
Inflammation grow period of 5 days.  I have continued to use the five days, the effect is good.
All materials are natural. It will not simulate your  skin.
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  1. ankylosing says:

    salutations from across the sea. Great post I must return for more.