You may be spied right now. That’s too easy and cheap!!!

Hey, guys. Are you still not worried about your privacy? Are you still living in a world where people are naïve? Is it so impossible for a good man to do bad things? Well, if something in gunplay movies costs you only less than 30 dollars and five minutes, every body would be willing to have a try. Such as a wireless peeping system (, whose installation and using are as simple as following:

The system is composed of two devices:

1. A pinhole camera with antenna to send out audiovisual signal..

2. A receiver able to transmit the signal to monitor through AV cable.

After 6 steps, you start to monitor:

1. Connect the pinhole camera to power source by an AC-DC adapter or a battery adapter — both comes with the package.

There are two AC-DC adapters included, of which, 8V voltage is for the camera and the 12V one is for the receiver.

If it is not convenient to install a power port near the camera, a 9V battery can serve as the power source.

2. Equip the receiver with the antenna, which receives signals sent out by the antenna on the camera.

3. Connect the receiver to TV set by AV cable (put plugs into right ports by color ).

4. Connect the receiver to power source by the 12V-output adapter.

5. Turn on TV and enter AV mode.

6. If no signal source is detected, screw the turner for the right receiving frequency.


Since it is so easy for others to peep you, how to avoid? On the next blog, I’ll tell introduce some effective ways.

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