Yoyo–Excited and Challenge Sport

Do you like playing yo-yo? Yo-yo is not only an excited toy, but also one of the world’s most difficult and spectacular hand sports. It was endowed as the world’s second most ancient toys. According to Wikipedia, the yo-yo is a popular toy consisting of a length of string tied at one end to a flat spool. Now let’s have a close look at this kind of activities. Whether you are a yo-yo enthusiast or a yo-yo beginner, you will find that yo-yo is your best companion one day.

Different Historical Names

English historical names for the yo-yo include bandalore (from French) and quiz. French historical terms include bandalore, incroyable, de Coblenz, emigrette, and joujou de Normandie (joujou meaning little toy).

Yo-yo Contest

Yo-yo contests are not so strange to us now. Many yo-yo enthusiasts would like to compete their skill with each other. A yo-yo competition normally consists of two parts, a set of compulsory tricks and a freestyle, where points are scored for each and the winner is the yo-yoer who scores the most points.

The World Yo-Yo Contest is held every year in Orlando, Florida and is hosted by YoYoGuy.com during early August or late July. Every year, winners from national yo-yo contests around the world gather in Orlando to compete their skill.

Different Ways to Play Yo-yo

Simplest Play: Round the string on the spool by hand; then throw the yo-yo downwards so that it first descends unwinding the string, then (by inertia) climbs back winding it up; and finally grab the yo-yo, ready to throw it downwards again.

Sleeping —Keeping a yo-yo spinning while remaining at the end of its uncoiled string.

Looping — Keeping the body of yo-yo in constant motion, without sleeping.

Off-string — yo-yo’s string is not tied directly to yo-yo’s axle, but usually launched into the air by performing a “forward pass” to be caught again on the string. Off-string Tricks include: Main Pass, Flea Bounce, and Eli hops.

Freehand — yo-yo’s string is not tied to the player’s hand, instead ending in a counterweight; then thrown from hand to hand and used as an additional element in the trick.

Different Shapes of Yo-yo

There are mainly three popular configurations, each design with specific advantages.

Imperial — the original yo-yo shape, it is sometimes called a sculpted design. The shape’s design is helpful in performing looping tricks.

Modified — The modified shape is a very popular design for looping style tricks. This shape is also known as a flywheel or modern shape. It usually has a hollowed face (sometimes covered with paper or plastic) with extra material left in the rim. The modified shape yo-yo is also used for string tricks because of the long spin times due to its shape.

Modified Shaped Yo-Yo

Butterfly — Debuting in 1958, the butterfly has a wider string gap to make it easier to catch the yo-yo body on the string. The butterfly looks a bit like the separated halves of a standard yo-yo that have been reconnected back-to-back. Although the butterfly shape is good for ‘string tricks,’ it is not good for ‘looping’ tricks, because the winged shape of the body does not allow it to easily flip while looping. This shape is similar to a small Diabolo, sometimes called a Chinese yo-yo.

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