Cheap iPhone 4 With 8GB Might Be In The Making–Rumors

iPhone 5

Cheaper iPhone is what everyone searches for and is looking for the right deal to make the purchase. You can of course buy used devices but that’s not fun when many around you are purchasing the iPhones off the Apple shelves and you only have someone else’s used device. Fret not as rumors predict the coming of the cheap 8GB iPhone 4.

Reports state that the Korean manufacturers are busy creating 8GB flash drives for the same iPhone 4 that will be budget friendly. The company doing this is still anonymous to us.

Users can buy an iPhone 3GS for $50 with a contract, that’s cheap but think of the latest model available for lets say $150, without carrier locking the consumer up. What Apple is perhaps thinking or planning for the coming years ahead is to reach a maximum number of people with options. You want the latest in line, get the latest version in, love to have an Apple device but don’t want to spend too much, you have the cheaper options available. And with storage capacity being low, Apple can still make good profits on cheaper ones.

Just hope this turns out true for all the countless lovers with tight budgets to spend on Apple Devices. Could this be the iPhone 4S?

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