Entertainment – Why Single Men Like to Live with Dog ?

1. The later you get home, the more excited it feels to see you.

2. If you mention the names of other dogs, your own dog will not fuss.

3. If you throw your stuffs about, you dog will like them, instead of complaining.

4. Its parents never visit your home.

5. You don’t wait for your dog when you’re going out. On the contrary, it’s waiting for you all the time.

6. When you get drunk, you dog finds you more interesting.

7. A dog likes hunting and fishing.

8. A dog does not ask you this question in midnight: If I died, would you have another dog?

9. If your dog had babies, you don’t have to keep all of them, but can sell them for money.

10. A dog does not take neck collar as the sign of SM.

11. Dogs like to stay in the trunk of your truck.

12. If your dog leaves you, it does not take half of your wealth away.

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