RC Off-Road Buggy Car

Here at Tinydeal.com, we never run out of cool gadget gift ideas for kids and kids at heart. So if you are looking for a nice gift to give your son on his upcoming birthday, then the 540-Motor RC Off-Road Car is certainly a great idea to consider. He will sure love this geek toy because he has full control to make it jump, flip, and roll.

The Buggy may look like the typical RC car, only that it can do more tricks than the usual. And with its powerful 540 motor, it can actually race up to nine cars at once, without any signal interference. So if your son receives this as a gift, he will certainly have a lot of fun times with his friends when they challenge each other for a Buggy race.

Also, one important feature that you will notice with this gadget is its light design. This same feature allows it to do a lot of things and it definitely gives great height off ramps. So let your son’ and his friends’ creativity flows by creating really high off ramps before they start playing. That way, they’ll find it more fun to race with each other and see which Buggy will reign when it comes to rolling off ramps.

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