You Can Let Us Make 10% Discount For What You Want

Going to buy some products at Still think it is not cheap enough? OK, it’s time for you to make it cheaper.

Every two days, we hold an election on our Facebook Wall ( where you decide which item’s price will go down 10% in the next two days. You can recommend a product by the model (eg, GP3-41044), which should be different from existing options. If what you want has been recommended by others, please vote for it.

The item with the most votes will be marked down by 10% for 48 hours. And the recommender of the item will get 20 TD points ($1 = 10 TD points) as a reward and have the power to appoint another product for a 10% discount. Both discounts will benefit all people.

Every election starts from 9:00 AM (GTM+8) and lasts 40 hours. The winner of 20 TD points is obliged to appoint the second discounted product in 8 hours, or he will be deprived of the reward. In the latter case, the second most-voted product in the election will be marked down by 10%.

Please note that the discount is based on the original price, not the special price, so don’t recommend items that are already with an over 10% discount – that’ll be meaningless.

In the end, if we have many people join the election, we’ll increase the number of discount products. Otherwise, the election might be canceled. So my friends, please cherish it and don’t let it pass off.

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