Solar Powered Multi-colored Garden Light

The Multi-colored Globe Light fuses the modern and ancient to bring a truly unique blend of performance and beauty. Each globe is unique and provides the most stunning light show to any garden, pathway or pond. These elegant solar powered glass orbs with their distinctive texture and multi-colored LED display that changes from red to blue to green, can’t help but reflect their owner’s sense of style. And, they’re entirely solar powered, require no electrical wiring and can be set to light automatically at dusk.

How the Solar Powered Multi-colored Garden Light Works:

During the day the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and recharges the battery. At night the light turns on automatically with the electricity stored during the day. The number of hours the light stay on depends on your geographical location, weather conditions and seasonal lighting availability. Under normal conditions if the light is charged in full sunlight for about 6 hours every day the light should then in turn last for 6 – 8 hours at night!

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