TD Points As Thanks for Sharing on Orkut

We’ve seen many of our customers (most from Brazil) share their purchasing experiences on Orkut. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts and the thanks can be practical. From now on, everyone who shares on Orkut will be rewarded in the following ways.

Way 1 .Share on your account Home page to win 1-15 TD points for every post that is visible to all your friends (TD points can be used for purchase on our site and every 100 TD points can be cash out. US$1 = 10 TD points). But to avoid unreasonable and excessive sharing, every sharer should follow the rules below:

A. Your post can be written reviews, pictures, and videos about products, services and anything else related to The more informative and diversified your post is, the more points will be added to your accounts.

B. Every post (including characters, pictures, and videos) should be original and fresh, but not a copy or repeat.

C. You can share the same product only once within a reasonable period of time.

D. You are required to have more than 50 friends or something close to that.

E. You will only be rewarded once a day, so we suggest you do NOT spam.

F. Any language is OK and your mother tongue is preferable.

Way 2. Share on Orkut Communities to win 2-50 Points for every post. And here, rules are like this:

A. Your work should be a topic, but the amount of reward will largely depend on the number of comments attracted by your topic. And the popularity of a community is also important here.

B. Every topic should be fresh and original

C. In the same community, your posting should be limited to a reasonable frequency.

D. You can only be rewarded once a day, so we suggest you do NOT spam..

Way 3. We encourage our customers to think about other ways of sharing on Orkut. If the ways prove effective, your efforts will also be taken into our consideration for rewarding.

Before attending the program, please add Tinydeal com ( as your friend. After making a post, send a private message to this account, so that we can reward you. Now enjoy the rewarding & sharing!!! Reserves the rights to modify the rules without further advice and may end the promotion anytime.

Portuguese Version:

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