How To Wear Necklaces

I like Necklace , it always makes me look beautiful and noble.

There are no official rules on how to wear Necklace , but there are some  guidelines that you can follow when selecting which Necklace or earrings to wear with which outfit. The right selection can be a great style statement and figure enhancer. The wrong selection is a real detraction from your appearance.’what type of Necklace shall I wear that will best suit me and the occasion at hand?’ Rather than ‘when’, as really you can wear a Necklace when ever you want to.

A wide open neckline or strapless top can be the most versatile, but usually looks best with a 16 inch choker, 17 – 19 inch princess length Necklace or 20 to 24inch matinee length if your neck is larger. A collar or bib style or a trendy statement necklace that fills the space can be the most dramatic look with a simple evening look or even a basic white tee …just don’t wear it with prints or other jewelry. That would be too much going on. If you prefer to wear large chandelier style earrings to dress up this sort of outfit, then you should skip the necklace. You can always add a bracelet with the earrings if you like.

If you are wearing a button down blouse or simple t-shirt, then a 16 to 18 inch Necklace with a pendant is the most flattering for a simple everyday outfit. You can also wear a longer strand (20 to 24 inches) of simple beads or a chain by placing it under the collar. The longer, matinee or opera (28 to 34 inches) length can be a slimming accent by drawing the eye in a vertical line on the body. If you really want to punch up the style for work or a special event, wear a bold layered or multi-strand Necklace with lots of gemstones under the blouse, with the collar pulled wide or flipped up in the back.

When wearing a turtleneck sweater, stay away from shorter Necklaces. This neckline calls for a strand that is at least 24 inches long. I think they look best with an opera length strand of 28 to 34 inches. I would stay away from Necklaces when wearing a cowl neck. The two items just don’t go together. Try a smaller pair of earrings that aren’t competing with all the fabric around your neck and pile on some bangle bracelets or cuffs.

Then I  will show you some  necklacs.Perhaps they  are exactly what you want.

This classic and versatile piece is appropriate with everything from casual to formal eveningwear, and complements almost any neckline. The perfect length to add subtle elegance to your workday paired with a button-down shirt, yet just as stylish with a cocktail dress.

Just like a lovely dolphin playing a ball in a pool -they know just how to say enough without saying to much. They’re also great for dressing up on those occasions where you want to be smarter or taken more seriously – a chandelier can be sexy, yet it isn’t always the best choice for work wear, job interviews, parents evenings or those million other social situations where a woman needs sharp image that puts her forwards favourably.

This luxurious necklace can be both elegant and sexy. This versatile length may also be tied in a knot for a charming modern look reminiscent of the height of 1920s flapper fashion. A very popular way to wear pearls, ropes may also be knotted and slung over the shoulder to accentuate the beauty of a backless dress.

This is a very beautiful pirate inspired necklace. It features a big crystal with pirate embelishments and a long pearl necklace.

It is a truly unique design and one that says this person has certainly got style and a necklace that is from a boutique and not mass production from stores on high streets!
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