31% of the Consumers in U.S.A. Favor Android Rather than Apple iOS

3.5" Google Android V2.2 AT&T T-Mobile Vodafone Unlocked Bar Cell Phone 2-SIM+ WiFi+ Bluetooth+ FM P086-P800U.S.A. investigates the organization Nielsen Nielsen famously The latest investigation report released today reveals, from January of this year to March, 31% of the American consumers claim to plan to buy the intellectual mobile phone which will preassemble the valley song Android software in the future, and would like to buy the apple iPhone preassemble the iOS cell-phone operating system The corresponding rate of the mobile phone is 30%, hope to buy RIM black strawberry BlackBerry The rate of the mobile phone is 11%.

From July of 2010 to September, Nielsen once carried on the similar investigation to American consumers. The investigation result reveals, 33% of the American consumers inclined to buy the apple iPhone at that time, the corresponding rate liking to buy the Android cell-phone was 26%, hope the rate of buying RIM black strawberry mobile phone is 13%.

The latest investigation report that Nielsen releases today still reveals, from January of this year to March, 6% of the American consumers hope to buy the WindowsPhone cell-phone of Microsoft, not as 7% of the rate during annual July – September. In addition, about 20% of the American consumers claim, have not confirmed yet that hope on the basis of which platform of intellectual mobile phone to buy most oneself at present.

Nielsen has also carried on the investigation to the American consumers who has bought the intellectual mobile phone in the past half years, the result reveals, 50% of the consumers claim to choose the Android cell-phone by oneself, 25% buy the apple iPhone, the corresponding rate of the mobile phone of the black strawberry is 15%, the WindowsPhone cell-phone of Microsoft is 7%, the Palm/WebOS cell-phone is 2%, the Symbian cell-phone is 1%.

Valley song commercial affair and local business senior vice-president Jeff stop the uncle JeffHuber Reveal in the middle ten days of this month, the installation amount of the utility program of the Android cell-phone has already been up to for 3 billion times at present, Android apparatus quantity activated per day reaches 350,000.

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