How to Select Cycling Gloves

Cycling is obviously strenuous exercise for your legs, but it can also take a toll on your hands. While riding, you are frequently supporting your weight on your hands as you steer the bike down hills or lean on your handlebars while standing on the pedals. Without cycling gloves, you can bet you’ll come away with painful blisters. To avoid this, select cycling gloves that fit well and are well constructed.

1. Select cycling gloves with terry cloth or another type of super-absorbent fabric on the back of the hand. This will help absorb sweat that runs down your arms, and prevents it from making your hands slippery. It also prevents the sweat from falling into your Bicycle gears and rusting them.

2. Look for Gloves that have a non-slick fabric on the front of the hand. This will help you keep a firm grip on the handlebars even if you have worked up a sweat. A firm grip on the handlebars is especially important when riding bumpy roads on your mountain bike.

3. Select cycling gloves with padding on the palms and underside of the fingers. This will help prevent blisters when you are leaning heavily on the handlebars for support.

4. Choose cycling gloves without fingers for better dexterity. When changing gears at high speed, you don’t want your gloves to get in the way and cause you to shift into the wrong gear.

5. Seek out gloves that come with removable liners. Gloves with liners can be easily adapted to both warm- and cold-weather cycling.

6. Find   gloves that have fleece on the back of the thumbs. It’s kind of gross, but the wind can make your nose run, and without that handy fleece to wipe it with, you are going to get mucous down your face.

7. Pick out gloves that have leather on the palms. You’ll be happy the leather is there when you fall off your bike and land hands first on the pavement.

8. Check out the fit of cycling gloves before you buy. Gloves that are too loose can cause blisters just as overlarge shoes do.

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    Well I sincerely liked studying it. This tip provided by you is very practical for good planning.