White iPhone 4 now expected before May

The wait for a white iPhone 4 may actually be about to end. Most people waiting for the white version of Apple’s latest smartphone may have actually given up and decided black is good enough, but if you made it this long without caving and buying your prayers may have finally been answered.

Phil Schiller promised us the white iPhone 4 was coming, and now Bloomberg has heard from three sources that we can expect it before the end of April. You will also be happy to hear that both AT&T and Verizon will have it available.

We’ve heard before that manufacturing issues were what stopped a white iPhone appearing. One of the sources claims the specific problem was the white paint peeling off when subjected to heat. That has now been solved and going forward we should hopefully see simultaneous black and white gadget releases from Apple.

If an end of April white iPhone 4 does appear it puts even more doubt around a June-July launch for the iPhone 5. Why would Apple replace the iPhone 4 when it released a new model two months earlier?

Matthew’s Opinion

If this launch happens then you can forget about seeing an iPhone 5 before September and possibly even this year. It makes no sense for Apple to mass produce a white iPhone 4 if the iPhone 5 that replaces it is just a few months away. It would have more of an impact to forget the iPhone 4 and launch black and white models of iPhone 5 instead if that was the case.

What this suggests to me is Apple intends to use the white iPhone 4 to buy itself a bit more time with iPhone 5 development. That means more time to work with NFC and LTE, better availability of 64GB memory chips, and a bigger window to experiment with carbon fiber and antenna placements.

While a delayed launch may upset some Apple fans, I think it’s definitely in everyone’s interests to wait a little longer. iPhone 5 could be something a bit special that reaffirms Apple as the market leader for smartphones. Who wouldn’t want a 4G iPhone 5 with 64GB on board memory, larger edge-to-edge display, brand new lighter case design, and NFC out the box?

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