Apple experimenting with iPod Wi-Fi syncing

It was reported that Apple had made a key hire for the future of its casing materials. Kevin Kenney, a carbon fiber expert and inventor of a Reinforced Device Housing patented by Apple, became a full time employee at Cupertino.

We thought this was just so that Apple could replace aluminium, steel, and glass casings on iDevices with a carbon fiber alternative. That way the strength remains, but the weight drops significantly. But that’s not the whole story.

Cult of Mac has been told by a source that the move to carbon fiber also aids with wireless connections. More specifically, Steve Jobs has apparently been pushing for a couple of years now to remove the need for a USB connection when syncing an iPod. Instead, he wants wireless syncing in place over a Wi-Fi connection.

For the iPod owner that would mean your device syncing when you got home without a physical connection to your Mac or PC having to be made. You could just plug in your device to charge knowing it will also have all your music, videos, and apps transferred automatically.

It’s a nice idea, but one Apple has been struggling to perfect. Metal and glass casings have caused issues with maintaining a reliable signal, but there are also concerns over battery life due to the additional power required for the Wi-Fi connection. This is why it hasn’t appeared before now in any Apple devices, even those that already have wireless capabilities.

If carbon fiber casings is the last piece of the puzzle, though, it means the next iteration of iPods may include wireless connectivity as standard for cable-free syncing. That same system would also port over to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch as all three devices already have wireless connectivity as standard.

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