Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball with Free Training DVD

Do you know Fushigi magic gravity ball? Have you ever wanted to impress and amaze your friends and family with astonishing illusions and tricks?  Fushigi magic gravity ball is one illusion that is worth a look!

What’s so magic about this ball?  The Fushigi ball appears to defy gravity and hover in air when you perform maneuvers.  Is it really magic?  No, it’s an old technique known as “contact juggling” but once you get the hang of it, this trick is an amazing conversation starter that will have everyone wondering how you do it!

When you buy the Fushigi magic ball, you will also get a DVD with training on how to master many illusions and tricks with your Fushigi.  On this disk, you will learn tricks like the prayer cross, levitation, The enigma, palm-spin and more.  Once you get the hang of these tricks, you can show off your new found “skills” to everyone’s amazement.

Overall, the Fushigi magic ball is a neat “magic trick” illusion and the DVD that comes with the ball shows you a really cool new skill.  Put together, the effect is a big WOW from the crowd and a great gift idea for the holidays!

Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball Pros & Cons


  • Develop a new skill that will amaze your friends
  • Appear to levitate the Fushigi orb in mid-air
  • Amaze people with this incredible illusion


  • Learning the art of contact juggling with the Fushigi ball takes time
  • The ball it’s self isn’t magic – the techniques in the DVD are
  • the Fushigi ball is a little bit heavy

Now let’s watch The Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball Video on our YouTube.


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