Spread iPhone 5 begin, produce will it be third quarter this year as a trial batch production

The news on March 23, according to media of Taiwan, iPhone5 has already entered and produced stage as a trial, in the formal batch production in the third quarter of this year.

Someone thinks, iPhone5 will support CDMA and GSM network at the same time, the whole appearance is very similar to iPhone4.

Have and say and claim it is all metal-cased that iPhone5 will be adopted, and will support to move and pay. From personnel inside Fuji’s health Company credible statement claim of future generation iPhone of apple abandon glass slab and adopt metal slab, add on the stainless steel antenna structure of iPhone4. There are metal-cased mobile phones as one meaning iPhone5 in this.

Meanwhile, the apple is still fond of using the communication of low coverage to pay technology on iPad2 and iPhone5, and the apple is continuing researching and developing the own method of payment.

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