Details About The Categories

If you often use , you may have found many changes on the product menu of our site.

Yes, the menu now is composed of three levels while the primary catalog contains only 11 columns. In the past, the menu has two levels but the primary catalog includes as many as 20 columns. The change is expected to neaten our homepage and help customers find their needed products more easily.

Some columns on the primary catalog of the old menu has been moved to the secondary catalog of the improved menu. For example, all cellphone related columns are now listed under the primary column of Cellphones, including complete cellphones and accessories.

If you want to find a cellphone with a certain feature you can choose one of the columns under Shop by Features catalog. Or you can click the Shop by Features button to have a look at all the cellphones at our store. And the phones are sorted with the criteria of price, popularity,  customer ratings and release date.

Cellphone accessories are sorted in accordance with types and brands for you to spot more accurately. iPhone is the hottest smartphone in the world now, so a secondary catalog has been created specially for its accessories.

The welcomed MP3 and MP4 Players, e-book readers, cameras, camcorders, as well as relative accessories are set under the Electronics primary catalog. GPS and DVD players are also categorized into here under the Car Electronics catalog.

Video game accessories and included in Video Games, of course, just like laptops and tablet PCs are in computer and Networking.

In the Home and Office catalog, you will find various gadgets mainly for daily practical use at home and in the office. But some products here are actually for fun, such as intimate gadgets. Besides, Security Equipment contains many things you may not find on other sites, such as spy cameras.

We know that many customers buy most from us before festivals, so a primary catalog named Gifts & Party Supplies include gifts we choose. April Fool’s Day is coming. Get  ready !!!

We are now making great efforts to promote sports, outdoor, and clothing products, so two primary catalogs have been created for the purpose. Have a look at the clothing category, where you can find many fashionable garments, from intimate underwear to sports jerseys, from lady’s sexy dresses to camouflage clothing.

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