Rumour: Nintendo to announce Wii 2 in June

Nintendo is rumoured to be announcing details of a forthcoming Wii 2 console at E3 in Los Angeles this coming June.

A mere week after 2011′s Games Developers Conference in San Francisco, and the pre-E3 Nintendo rumour have already started to percolate across the internet.

This year’s E3 runs from 7-9 June at the Los Angeles Convention Centre, with the games industry calendar marked by rampant speculation and rumour about what Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo each has in store for their biggest press conferences of the year in LA.

“We are of course studying and developing the next console to Wii. However, there is a big difference between studying a product and announcing what it is and when we will release it.” noted Nintendo president Satoru Iwata at a Japanese investor Q and A session last year.

Quad-core Wii 2 with in-built projector?

Nintendo PR in the UK was quick to serve TechRadar with a ‘no comment’ when asked about the latest Wii 2 rumours today, which emerged from Zelda fan site , with the site claiming to have a Nintendo source adamant that E3 2011 is when gamers will get the first glimpse of the successor to the Wii.

However, digging a little bit deeper, the fact that the site goes on to list rumoured Wii 2 specs such as a built-in Blu-ray drive, a superfast quad-core processor and a built-in projector suggests that the source of the rumours may well not be as close to Nintendo’s top brass as might hope.

Still, now that we are fully informed about Nintendo’s forthcoming 3DS handheld launch on the 25 March in the UK, games industry news sites are quite obviously desperate for some nice, juicy Nintendo news to get the fanboys excited.

Ngamer magazine editor, Charlotte Martyn says of the latest Nintendo rumours: “The assumption seems to be that because Twilight Princess was launched across GameCube and the brand new Wii, Skyward Sword will also usher in a new console.

“I’m not sure Nintendo would do that twice, particularly with the same franchise, but this year’s E3 would seem the logical time for Wii’s successor to be confirmed, given the dwindling release list for the current console.”

With all of that in mind, we will file this particular Wii 2 rumour story in the ‘wild and hopeful speculation’ folder for the time being, until we get more concrete evidence of the existence of such a machine from a solid source.

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