Post Your April Fool’s Day Pranks

It’s first of April and that can mean only one thing – April Fools Day! Coming up with a

good prank is not easy, especially when everyone is expecting it.

What’s your favorite April Fool’s Day prank? Were you the victim or the prankster?

Share your favorite prank here, and have a happy April Fool’s Day.

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15 Responses to Post Your April Fool’s Day Pranks

  1. nowomannocry says:

    April Fools’ Day was not popular in my country a dozen years ago, when we played a bad trick on one of our teachers. We told him that a classmate of ours had committed suicide in the toilet and saw his face turn pale in a second. Followed by about 50 students, he rushed to the “scene”. The headmaster was shocked by the sight as he happened to be near there. Then he went after us to the toilet, finding nothing happen. Our teacher got to know it was a prank and explained to the headmaster. “You are really a f–king fool,” the headmaster shouted to our teacher. And we had a very tough week afterwards. Whahahaha.

  2. WBOBRAZIL says:

    Abril é tempo de tirar onda aqui no Brasil

  3. Pixie says:

    My sister and I worked in the same office building. She called me to tell me there had been a recall on
    my new convertible. I called my husband up and gave him down the road…..he said honestly I know nothing about that. We are always the last to know. I called her and told her my husband did not know
    anything about it. She started laughing and said April Fools! I thought I am going to get you back. I
    call a friend of her’s she worked with and managed to get the keys to her car. I then parked her car
    in front of the building. I had the security guard to call her and say her cars was parked in front of the
    building and if she did not want it towed she needed to move it. Of course, she could not find her keys.
    When she called I told her I did not know what she was talking about. She had a doctors appointment
    that afternoon and had to drive someone else’s car. Around 3:00 that day I gave her back her car keys.

  4. Denise says:

    Years ago I set the clock in our office an hour ahead while a co-worker was at lunch. When she returned from lunch, I casually said something to her about her time. She looked at the clock and said “Dog, I got to get busy. I didn’t know I had been gone two hours”. The whole office cracked up and I fessed up and told her she had only been gone one hour.

  5. Kidz says:

    Fill a glass with water. Add food dye so it matches the color of whatever juice you have in your refrigerator. Serve the “juice” to your family. They will be expecting something sweet and getting water so it will taste funny at first. Don’t forget to watch the funny faces they make!

  6. Starfire says:

    Open up all the boxes of cereal and pull the bags with the cereal in them out of the boxes. Put each bag in a wrong cereal box. When your family members go to pour their cereal they will get the wrong kind!

  7. sweetiepie says:

    I had to prepare for this one. I brought two identical containers with one holding sugar and one holding salt. I also had strawberries. I didn’t show anyone my salt container. I had the sugar container out and I started to eat my strawberries. This one kid, Ryan, wanted one so he took one and before he dipped it in the sugar I called out, ‘Ewww, what’s that?’ and pointed to the other side of the room. I quickly pulled the salt container and switched it with the sugar. Ryan then dipped it in salt and his face turned green. Everyone laughed at the joke and so did Ryan… although he doesn’t eat strawberries with sugar anymore.

  8. loosergal says:

    For a great joke, you’ll need some butter, a plate, some salt, and a bunch of napkins! Tell your poor victim that you saw on the Discovery Channel that butter gets hot when you put salt on it. Put some butter on a plate and put salt on it. Put your hand over the butter and pretend you feel the heat. Tell them to put their hand over it, and ask them if they can feel the heat. Then… SLAM!!! Swiftly, slam your hand on top of their’s so their hand gets squished in the butter and salt. The satisfaction is seeing the look of horror on their face as they’re looking at their hand! (Trust me. This worked on ALOT of my family & friends)!

  9. Prince says:

    My birthday is on April 1. have several memorable pranks played on me but the one that stands out the most is the one on my 16th birthday. My friends gave me a big beautifully wrapped box. inside was a snake and snuff, When I opened it the snake jumped out making a cloud of dust of snuff, causing a lot of sneezing and and I was scared out of my wits. it is funny in retrospect but at the moment I did not see the humor in it.

  10. kevan says:

    i told my mum that my girlfriend was pregnant her face went white hahahahahahahaah

  11. dasdas says:


  12. Linda says:

    April Fool s day is a day of fun and laughs and what would be far better than having a beautiful meal to go with it. Prepare them a special breakfast on April Fool’s Day using tiny quail eggs, fried sunny-side up, a small slice of toasted cocktail bread and a fried sliver of bacon. Serve the miniature April Fool’s Day breakfast on the largest serving plates you own. Fold a bath towel as a napkin, place large serving forks and spoons on the towel for your family to eat with, then call them for breakfast. The smell of fried bacon will wet their appetites and the prank will be on them.
    I found a lot of great ideas how to celebrate the day this year< a lot of pranks and jokes on Brows books, movies, TV shows. And be the first to yell "April Fool".

  13. Annonomous says:

    if you have a pet cat or dog this is so perfect…

    you need:
    -and i pad or ipod touch
    -a closet

    ok so
    1.) download VoicePlus onto ur ipad or ipod touch (its free)
    2.) record something that sounds like a growl or whine
    3.) set it on turtle mode
    4.) put it in the closet
    5.) yell “i think ‘insert pets name’ had ‘kittens/puppies’”
    6.) when someone comes press “play” and the snooze button (on top) quickly and stand back

    lol have fun! i even tricked my dad!