Apple Allied with Verizon About to Issue iPad 2nd Next Year

With the market of iPhone 4 and iPad spreading to more districts and countries, people focus on these two Apple products again. Ashok Kumar, an analyst from American Investment Bank Rodman Renshaw, stated one week ago, Apple is accelerating the development of iPad 2nd and iPad 2nd is expected to be issued early next year.

It is said that the second generation of iPad is named as “iPad 2” and there will be great differences from the present one in appearance. The screen of iPad 2 will adopt 7” capacitive touch screen and one 1.0 MP camera in the rear. Besides, on the surface a VGA camera will be installed for FaceTime. Therefore, the function of iPad 2 is more advantageous, which is also response to the challenges posted by Samsung Galaxy Tab and Dell Streak.

At the same time Apple will choose the largest American manufacturer Verizon as partnership. Thus, iPad 2 can support Verizon CDMA2000 network which guarantees that users can enjoy more stable 3G network and improves iPad users’ network experience.

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