Natural Skin Care Products – How To Choose The Best For Your Skin

Natural skin care products are becoming increasingly popular according to cosmetic industry news reports.  There is no doubt that naturally occurring compounds are usually safer and may be more effective than synthetic ingredients, but you still need to choose carefully.  The information here will help you do that.

First, there is the issue of safety.  Primarily, you want to be concerned about the fragrance ingredients in natural skin care products.  Even naturally occurring fragrances can cause allergic or adverse reactions, especially if they are concentrated.

Most natural skin care products contain essential oils.  Essential oils are different from essential fatty acids, although the terms are sometimes used interchangeably.  Essential fatty acids are the nutrients present in plant-based oils.  They are important for your skin’s health.

The essential oils found in most natural skin care products are distilled concentrated plant fragrances.  They are said to convey the “essence” of the plant, thus the term “essential”.

Essential oils are used in aroma therapy often to improve or change a person’s mood.  They have their place.  A dab on the wrist or behind the ear is okay for most people, but even that can cause allergic reactions.

It is mainly a problem when essential oils are included in body lotions or facial creams.  Because they cover a large area of the skin, the fragrances can cause physical and mental irritation.  They can irritate nasal passages and aggravate respiratory conditions.  You are better off choosing lotions and creams that are free of added fragrances.

Balsam of Peru is one fragrance ingredient that you should always avoid, because it is such a potent allergen.  When natural skin care products cause dermatitis (inflammation of the skin), it is often due to Balsam of Peru.

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