How to Choose the Right Razor

There are many different brands and types of Electric Razors for men. It most often depends on what you or the man you give the electric razor to, will be using it for.

Select one: see beard, razor election

Bushy beard, shave every day, men need to be razor swing the election;

Often sparse beard shaving of men without the option of greater range of facial contact with the rotary shaver, in order to achieve fast and efficient;

Thick beard or long men, the best choice double-headed or three, even four rotary shaver.

Select 2: Look habits, election razor

Travel frequently men, should be selected battery type, charge and battery hybrid, not half-way due to no electricity for the shaving feel embarrassed;

Drivers or vehicles often need to deal with men, can be used razor car, use car power charger, convenient fashion;

Men’s shaving habits at home, you can use rechargeable shaver, including plug and play type;

Side edge shaving habits like bathing men, the best choice for anti-slip handle designed to have a razor;

Men like to razor close at hand, select the port with a fine stretch Shengzha bag of razors;

Divided into rotary electric shaver, retinal type two, if, when shaving, do not like the razor issued a “squeaking” noise, then select the rotation type, the noise low.

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