What Do The Flowers He Chose For Your V-Day Bouquet Say?

On Valentine’s Day, many men choose to express their blossoming love through Flowers. Most Flowers are coded with meaning that have been passed down through the centuries. In the Victorian era, when courting was more restrictive, a fresh bouquet could do all the dirty talking for you.  But what does the arrangement you got on Valentine’s Day say about your relationship? If your flowers could speak, this is what they’d say about your man…


Amaryllis                          Bird of Paradise                                      Carnations

Amaryllis: He thinks you’re beautiful inside and out.

Bird of Paradise: You’re a one of a kind girl and he celebrates your uniqueness.

Carnations: You’re a fascinating woman!

(Pink) He knows you’re unforgettable.

(Purple) You’re always changing your mind and he doesn’t trust you.

(Red) His heart beats for you, my darling.

(Yellow) Sorry lady, he doesn’t want to be with you.

(White) You’re his good luck charm!

Chrysanthemum                     Daffodil                        Freesia                      Gerber Daisy

Chrysanthemum: You’re a real pal!

(White) Your boy scout is always honest with you.

(Yellow) You hurt him real bad, honey.

Daffodil: He’s your knight in shining armor.

Freesia: He thinks of you as an innocent flower.

Gerber Daisy: You are so beautiful to him.

Hydrangea                   Iris                                           Lilac                         Lily

Hydrangea: He’s so sorry, baby.

Iris: He just wants to tell you how friggin’ fantastic you are!

Lilac: You make him feel young again!

Lily: He’s gonna give you more than you’ve ever dreamed of!

(White) To him, you are heaven on Earth.

(Calla) He thinks you’re gorgeous, dah-ling!

(Day) You’re a tease, and he loves it!

(Stargazer) You make him aspire to be more than he is.

(Tiger) he wants to be your sugar daddy!

(Yellow) You make him feel like he’s on cloud nine.

Orchid                                  Peonies                            Roses                   Queen Ann’s Lace

Orchid: He wants to make many, many babies together.

Peonies: Your bashful beau wants to tell you he loves you, but he’s a shy guy.

Roses: He loves you enough to pay top dollar, just to tell you so.

(Pink) Our love is perfection.

(Red) He’s madly love with you.

(White) His love for you is pure as the driven snow.

(Yellow) He’s jealous and wishes you cared more about him.

(Bud) We’ve only just begun!

(Thornless) It was love at first sight.

(Two Colors) We go together like rama-lama-lama.

(Single) You’re still his special lady.

Queen Ann’s Lace: He wants to protect you and be your hunky haven.

Sunflower                                    Tulip                        Violet

Sunflower:You are the sunshine of his life.

Tulip: You’re the best lover he’s ever had, hot stuff.

(Red) He’s still got it for you, baaaad!

(Yellow) You’ve got him crazy in love.

(Purple) You’re his Queen.

(Pink) He really cares about you.

(Variegated) He could gaze into your eyes forever.

Violet :He doesn’t need to show off just to show you that he cares.

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