Valentines Love Poems

Just days to go for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is the day when love rules above everything else. It is the time to openly declare your love and convey your innermost feelings to the special one in your life. Are you looking for some tips to romance your sweetheart on this Feb 14? You’ve come to the right place then. Here are some Valentine Love Poems that you can use to build the romance in your relationship with good effect on your special someone.

‘I love you’- can you say the same three golden words with more feelings? Yes, you can! Valentine Love Poems are the best way of expressing romantic messages. Your special day calls for special expressions and what can be more passionate then, love poems on valentine.


Love is life
And I love my life
I love to live
because I live to love you.
You are my love
And you are my life.



I admire you for…

You are not just my friend,

but a lot more than that…

You’re someone special!

I’m so lucky

to have you in my life!


When our hearts and nature

worked in unison

to ensnare us into a sweet trap.

Two hearts came together, two souls united

And our love was born.


Among the countless dreams I had
A beautiful one came true
When I fell in love
And gave my heart to you.
Life has, since, changed in a thousand ways
Be mine forever, as I am yours…always…


You’re the one I love to be with,

You’re the one who feels so right,

You’re the one I think of when I wake,

And dream of every night.

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