3.6″ Trackball GPS WIFI TV Java Bluetooth Unlocked Cell Phone

How is your cell phone at present? Have you planned to get new one?  Now I would like to introduce a cell phone to you  from Tinydeal.com. Let’s have a look at the picture of the phone first.

What is your first impression on this phone?

The case is colored white, suitable for both men and women.
It is made from some material that you don’t leave fingerprints on easily.

There is a button on the top of the phone for you to start up, the Nokia style.
And you can press it to lock the keypad.
To unlock, press any key and stroke the screen along with the arrow.

Open the main menu you will see a dozen applications, and even more when you extend it.
If you attach great importance to some of the applications, you can drag it to the interface.
Of course you can pull it back.

As a car owner or tourist, you may appreciate the GPS function.
There are five optional maps for this model, but you can only choose one of them. Please read the instructions carefully.

For example, the whole USA map has been installed on this one.
You see Manhattan of New York immediately after you unfold the e-map.
If you know American geography well, you can sweep the display to get the exact place you want.
Or you may need this tool, which enables you to find a road or intersection in a county by name. Afterwards, use the magnifier to see details.
A similar tool helps you look for a place of interest and tells how long the POI is away from the place you chose previously.
Under this menu, various nearby POIs are assorted and listed for you to check.
As for satellite positioning, I can not show it for you, because I’m not in the US.

If you want to use positioning, mobile Internet is essential here. And some settings have to be modified before networking.
Then you can visit some websites.

A 2GB T flash card was inserted into the phone and will be included in your order.
Inside it, some music, ebook, video, and image have been stored for test. Have a look.
Correspondingly, you can record voice, videos and pictures with the phone.

When you watch mobile TV, remember that you can record programs and replay them in multimedia.
The same is true of FM radio.

In the end, let’s see and feel the sound volume of phone call, just take a look at the video below.

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