Nature Wallpapers

We live in absolutely beautiful and breathtaking world. I like nature,I like to collect  Nature Wallpapers.  This will make me happy. Wish you enjoy these pictures of nature.

Off the North Central coast of Newfoundland lies Fogo Island. Steeped in the history of over 250 years this island remains defiant, re-creating itself once, when the cod fishery died and now as a Mecca for artists of all disciplines. Icebergs that are well over 10,000 years old which started their life in Greenland as glaciers drift down for over a year on the Labrador Current, past the entrance of the Northwest Passage to what is known as Iceberg Alley. On the way they are battered by the elements and are transformed into wonderful shapes, most half polished from being partly submerged at one point. Fogo Island’s location is perfect to go out and visit these majestic behemoths of ice to photograph and experience their true power and magic. In June the whales arrive and can be seen throughout the remainder of the summer in the harbours of the out-port villages and islands. Also, in July the Puffins arrive from their life at sea to nest. Thousands of these intriguing birds come to Little Fogo to raise their singular offspring.

Sunset behind rock nature wallpaper

Nature island wallpaper

Fences And Grass      |                      Nature Sunset

Double Rainbow Over Kauai Hawaii            |                  Rainbow on Beach

Road and Sunset at back                |               Beautiful twister-like clouds

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