Lightning Around the World

Lightning is a beautiful but deadly natural phenomenon, isn’t that amazing to see mother nature at best. this is a compilation of lightning around the world, please do fancy on this. Enjoy everyone.

Lightning in Pennsylvania(TOM KELLY IV, THE WEST CHESTER DAILY LOCAL NEWS) Lightning streaks through the skies over the Silvi Concrete factory in Downingtown, Pa. on Tuesday night, June 10.

Fort Lauderdale Beach     (Sun Sentinel File / June 16, 2005)

Lighting strikes off shore at Fort Lauderdale Beach. Frequent ligting made the night sky as bright as day during the storm.

Reflections    (Mike Stocker, File / August 31, 2006)

As lightning streaks across the sky, lights from buildings on Hollywood Beach are reflected on the still waters of North Lake.

Too close for comfort    (Sun Sentinel File / June 16, 2005)

The Goodyear blimp Stars & Stripes navigates through a severe thunderstorm 16 June, 2005, shortly before crash-landing on a Coral Springs, Fla. storage building facility. The blimp’s two pilots walked away from the crash unharmed and no injuries were reported on the ground. The blimp struck a concrete utility pole during its descent, causing about 1,400 homes in the area to lose electricity. Neither pilot has commented on the cause of the crash, and it isn’t clear if the rain and lighting caused the blimp to crash or if the pilots deliberately brought the blimp to the ground.


Lightning blazes across downtown Fort Lauderdale’s 110 Tower and the Broward County Courthouse and jail.

At Kennedy Space Center  (RED HUBER/ORLANDO SENTINEL / May 30, 2002)

Lightning covers the sky around the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center as the launch of shuttle Endeavour was scrubbed because of bad weather before its 12-day mission to the International space Station.

Lightning strike in Crystal Beach  (COURTESY OF DON NAUMANN / July 10, 2004)

Professional Crystal Beach photographer Don Naumann sees a lightning storm and then heads outdoors. He has made lightning photos his trademark art and finds the lighted skies fascinating. Photos like “August Midnight” are shown at art festivals around the region.

Lightning over Vegas Strip in 1999 (ETHAN MILLER, Associated Press / August 22, 1999)

Lightning crackles over the Las Vegas Strip during an electrical storm in the early morning hours.

Iowa lightning, April 2007   (Jeremy Portje, Associated Press / April 3, 2007)

Bolts of lightning illuminate the gold dome of the Dubuque County Courthouse along with the Dubuque, Iowa sky in the early morning.

Lightning in China, August 2008  (Tom Fox, Dallas Morning News / August 24, 2008)

Lightning flashes in the sky over the National Stadium in Beijing, China early in the morning.

Lightning in Santa Barbara, Calif., September 1997   (MIKE ELIASON, Santa Barbara News-Press / September 2, 1997)

Lightning fills the pre-dawn skies over Santa Barbara, Calif. A rare electrical storm over the Pacific Ocean woke many residents from their beds to enjoy the rare weather conditions.

Beijing China July 12, 2009

Lightning strikes over the Beijing skyline during a thunderstorm early on July 12, 2009, near the city’s tallest skyscraper, the China World Trade Center Tower 3.

Bern, Switzerland, July 17, 2009

A closer view of the Swiss Federal Palace in Bern, Switzerland, during a July 17, 2009 thunderstorm.

Cherokee County, Kansas June 16, 2009

Lightning touches the ground in rural Cherokee County, Kansas, early Tuesday morning, June 16, 2009.

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