How to Improve Your Skiing Skill

Do you like snow? For me I can just say I don’t know since I grow up in the South and haven’t seen any snow yet. I can only see and feel via watching TV, reading books and viewing photos. My deepest impression lies on the vast expanses of white snow, endless just as ocean. Then the most excited is skiing. Just ski fast down the snow hill and experience the excitement of speed. Below are just some skills I find to share with you; hopefully one day we will benefit from these when we go skiing.

Snow skiing successfully requires technique, practice and determination to have a swoosh-booming time. Skiing downhill is the only way to snow ski when you are on the slopes. Knowing how to get down those slopes is key to becoming an advanced skier. Take a look at these steps to learn the concept of skiing downhill, and then get on the slopes and practice the technique.

Step 1 — Start with a comfortable stance. Keep hands forward in peripheral vision, knees slightly bent with the shins pressing against the boot tongues.

Step 2 — Feel your weight on the ball of the feet. Body’s weight mass is continually carried forward on the skis to help in turning.

Step 3 — Practice shifting your weight from the downhill ski to uphill ski to get yourself down the mountain. Shift your weight ever so slightly while lifting the tail of the downhill ski.

Step 4 — Extend your uphill ski and using your wrist, swing the downhill pole tip forward. Touch the snow lightly with the extended ski to start the turn downward.

Step 5 — Get confident making those tunes. Practice until you feel confident.

Step 6 — Control your speed with a light change in the turning process. Simply round the completion of the turn by moving the skis a tad uphill. Try varying the width of the turn as you go downhill. Go from large to medium to small turns. Next thing you know, you will be skiing downhill faster and better each time.

You can’t stay on the bunny slopes all your life. Here’s how to master the parallel turn so you can take on those black diamonds up the mountain.

  1. Start down a fairly steep slope.

  2. Bend from the ankles and sink into a slightly crouched position. Keep your weight on the uphill edge of your downhill ski.
  3. Plant your downhill pole.
  4. Immediately spring lightly forward and up, taking your weight off your skis. The leverage on your tips will take you down the fall line.

  5. Transfer your weight to the outside ski and weight its inside edge. Let your inside (uphill) ski get a little ahead through the turn.
  6. Carve the turn by pressing your knees forward and sideways into the slope. Keep your body facing downhill to maintain balance and keep your weight on the downhill ski.
  7. Increase the bite of the uphill edges until you’ve completed the turn

Tips & Warnings

  • As a beginner, you need to be strong to ski downhill.
  • Good edge control is imperative when going downhill, so you can turn and does a hockey stop.
  • Practice shifting your weight while traversing until you feels more confident about shifting your weight back and forth.
  • Modern skis make it easy to shift weight to uphill ski and roll into a downhill edge.
  • If you allow the center of the body mass to drift toward the skis’ tails, which often happens, it will be impossible to make turns to go downhill. Keep the body mass forward.

Sometimes you just hear the same thing over and over again and when you really try by your self, it is usually  not as what you imagine. You may watch a lot of video about teaching how to ski and memorize all the tips and warnings; you can still not ski

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