10 Reasons Why Google TV Is More Attractive Than Apple TV

Recently American famous IT magazine eWeek announces that Google TV is likely to enter market this autumn. Then Apple TV will certainly confront fierce competition. eWeek considers that Google TV might be more attractive than Apple TV in the future.

Below is the main report from eWeek website:

Recently Google Company confirms that they will issue its entertainment platform Google TV on several digital devices, including Logitech Revue (that is, Google TV STB). Google still remains tight-lipped about the relative information of appliance software. But evidently Google is posting great thread to Apple TV.

It will be good news for customers, especially for those users who want to experience more outside Apple devices. New Apple TV only allows users to enjoy network music service from iOS and they can only rent TV performance on Apple TV, in which costumers have a few choices. In a word, compared with Google TV, various shortages exist in Apple TV. Google TV will attract many attentions in the future. The following 10 reasons prove it.

1. Webpage Browser

Computer may be the place most browsers settling in. With the help of Google TV, users will be allowed to enjoy Internet services lying on bed comfortably. Some users may not like this because they hope to enjoy the rest at ease instead of surfing online in the evening. However, for other users they may like it very much. After all they can enjoy TV programs by famous stars in bed, no need to go to other rooms.

2. Apple TV not Smart Enough

Apple CEO Steve Jobs gives quick response: the new STB is no longer a sideline product. But actually it is still a sideline product. Apple TV still has the same problem: power insufficient. Most users consider it lack of value and lack of many functions. For common users, Apple TV is a device inferior to Google TV. This backward situation won’t change in the short time.

3. Rich Appliance

When Google first announce its entertainment platform plant, it also announces that Google TV will cooperate with Android appliance next year. Google’s ability to run appliance on Google TV devices will improve its value and position of the software. Common consumers hope to get access to more functional services rather than renting movies and TV programs. Under the help of rich appliance, these consumers can realize the objection to reach more programs and functions. Besides, Google encourages network companies to continuously develop network appliance so as to support Google TV. If these network companies succeed, users can enjoy more services on Google TV platform.

4. Better and Newer Traditional Service

It has been long time since home theater PC spreads to customers. These kinds of computers can only connect to user television and allow them to consume content and surf the Internet. However, home theater PC is not as popular as tablet PC. Actually Google TV is a software platform, which can improve users’ experience when watching TV programs via home theater computers. Furthermore, Google TV allows other relative companies to provide these kinds of service with lower price. Therefore, Google TV will help home theater PC to reach wider market.

5. Google Understands Software

One thing we should not ignore, Google understands software well. Google have a clear idea about customers’ need to use devices, that is, to get what they want via devices. Google knows the requirements of users’ uploading performance and they try to help users to meet their demands. Google TV has no difference with other appliances but to provide more feasible experience for users who want to experience more than TV programs. Until now Apple still haven’t provided customers better experience, thus Google TV is possible to be the next most popular product.

6. Apple TV IS Confronting Great Difficulties

Apple is confronting great difficulties when promoting bedroom entertainment products. Steve Jobs claims that consumers don’t want such products like Google TV, which only provides noisy services. Joes also says that users only want to experience some simple services and Apple just provides these kinds of simple services for them. Apple does so, but its functions are too simple. This is absolutely a mistake. Now Apple is facing great difficulties.

7. Customers Are Getting Ready

Few years ago, customers were not ready for products like STB. At that time bandwidth speed was low and content was dull, but many Apple services like iTune were welcomed by common customers. However, everything has changed with time passed by. Users are looking for some new ways so as to enjoy more services in bedroom. Obviously Google has a clear picture of the present situation and makes use of this occasion at the right time.

8. General Existence Means A Lot

One of the key factors of Google TV is its existence in diversified devices. Google TV can be used in STB, TV and other devices. This will of course provide Google competitive advantages in the market and improve product’s develop at the same time. General existence is probably the key factor for Google TV to step into success.

9. Google TV Is Able to Be Installed into TV

For the users who have experience services like Netflix and Pandora, they will know it is really an amazing experience to install service content into TV set. According to Google, its entertainment platform can be installed into TV. Actually Sony has signed an agreement with Google and they will install Google TV into its brand television devices. It is a good news for Google, as well as those users who wand to experience more via entertainment platform.

10. Google May Become the Ruler of STB Market

At present the market of STB is still unstable. No one is strong enough to attract sufficient users so as to control the market of STB. Apple hopes to make use of Apple TV to realize the objection. But it seems to in vain. From the present situation Google TV is more likely to control this market. But to a large extend it depends on whether Google Company possess unique and feasible vision.

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