Self Defense Devices…Do you Know Enough to Survive an Attack?

What do you do when you face a beating, a robbery or others?

In Today’s often violent world, self-defense is no longer a choice – it’s a responsibility and knowing self defense tactics are unquestionably the best way of ridding yourself of an aggressor promptly when techniques are applied accurately.  Self defense devices are indispensable to us nowadays.

As you can see we don’t live in a very safe society these days and it isn’t getting any better. Just watch the news everyday and that will tell you that crime is on the rise and we all should be looking over our shoulder. Everybody is at risk in being involved in some sort of threating situation. If you are in this situation, do you get enough self defense devices to survive?

Crime is an equal opportunity employer it doesn’t discriminate. It starts with kids in school and goes all the way to adults. Are you a parent with young children in school? It is said that schools have changed dramatically since my father went over 30 years ago. Kids in school now have to face the bully situation and peer pressure as well. School bullies are going at a rapid pace starting in elementary school. Are your children able to protect themselves in this type of environment? That is what all parents need to be asking themselves and being truthful about what they want for their children. Your children should be confident that they can protect themselves at all times. The same goes for adults as well. Confidence is the best way to get out of many attacks. If you look and feel like a victim then you will be a victim.

Here I would like to introduce you some self defense devices that you may need.

2 in 1 Self Defensive Stun Gun Device with LED SSD-4246

  • Self defensive stun gun
  • With strong power to protect yourself in mini size
  • With red LED light to tell you the unit is armed
  • Put even the biggest or meanest attacker to the ground in seconds, just need to turn on the shock switch
  • Makes him incapable of further aggressive activity
  • No permanent harm
  • Small enough to fit in your hand or easily slip into a pocket or purse
  • Rechargeable battery included, no charging cord needed or to buy other battery
  • Just flip out the plug and connect it with your socket to charge for 8 hours
  • “on”-”off” switch to prevent accidental discharge
  • Perfect for women of all ages, and works for men as well
  • Attention: Customers should contact local customs or related authorities to check whether this product can be imported and used or not. We are not responsible for customs confiscations or punishment due to the destination country’s local Laws or regulations.
  • Output pulse voltage: 3500K Volt
  • Self Defensive Pepper Spray with Keychain SSD-8266

  • Brand new pepper spray
  • Protects you with this Proven Stopping Power
  • Enables you to defend yourself to keep a safe distance from an attacker
  • The pepper spray on the face will cause temporary blindness, choking, coughing and nausea- bringing an attacker to his knees
  • Delivers a strong potent blast 10-12 feet
  • Quick and simple to operate, easy to take around
  • Perfect to carry for personal protection from being attacked
  • Light weight with keychain, easy to take around
  • Note: Strictly forbidden to joke around people, only used in danger, if got on face, please rinse with plenty of water
  • Heavy Metal Hand Held Self Defense Tool SSD-13602

  • Self defense tool for ladies use in danger
  • Easy to hold on hand
  • Heavy duty metal material
  • Black coated surface
  • A gadget to take along for those who often walk in night alone
  • 51.5cm Alloy Steel Expandable Baton SSD-22599

  • Three sectional telescopic steel baton
  • Great for both offensive and defense techniques you would need to employ in a self defense situation
  • Telescopic and compact design
  • Easy to carry and ready at hand
  • Solid alloy steel finish surface
  • No-flake or peel and anti-rust
  • Foam padded grip for a firm and anti-slip holding
  • Ergonomic design, comfortable to use
  • Easy to use, just a flick of your wrist
  • Comes with a carrying pouch
  • Great protection against aggressors, rapists and vicious dogs by delivering a massive painful yet non-lethal shock
  • Self Defense Device Cut-Resistant Slash Gloves SSDDG081

  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Short cuff style won””t interfere with shirt cuffs or watches
  • Features cut-resistant, wear proof, anti-static, soft and washable
  • Protect your hands from hurting by sharp edged weapons, blades, glass, etc
  • Reduces injuries caused by cutting by wearing the gloves
  • Could be washed by conventional cleaning methods
  • Should be used in tempreture less than 100 degrees
  • Can NOT touch the fire directly
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