TariffMan Launches World’s Smallest GPS Tracker

With the development of science and technology, GPS has spreaded to all aspects of life, TariffMan has announced the release of what its calling “the smallest GPS/GSM/GPRS asset tracking device available — VELO” as follows.

The “VELO”, that’s so small it can be used as a keyring, has a “super-sensitive active GPS receiver” which claims to allow for more accurate and faster GPS positions.

The VELO can be hard-wired into any asset which has a battery or used via its own power (that provides for 4-5 days juice) so can be used as a standalone device.

The VELO can be armed and disarmed by a key-fob, and can be used for tracking motorbikes, quad-bikes and jet-skis along with the cars and vans.

It has an integral movement sensor so that you can be alerted if it moves without authorisation, and it also has a central panic button so that it can be worn as a personal safety device.

Users can also covertly “call” the VELO and listen to what is going on in the immediate vicinity of the unit.

It is said that GPS tracker is made for those who are always worried about losing their cars, it can be fixed in any corner of your car, then you can always know the location of your car even if it is stolen.

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