Your Yoga Mat Bag also Needs Considerate Care

Yoga might be always concerned about your physical well being but what about your yoga mat bag? Daily use may cause wear and tear to the bag that not only protects your yoga mat from dirt and damage; but also acts as a convenient holder of your personal items while you are attending yoga classes. Cleanliness is important in your yoga practice. Therefore it is important to take care of your yoga mat bag.

Yoga mat bags are usually made either from linen and cotton or from leather. Those made from linen and cotton are cheaper compared to the ones made of leather. Linen bags are also easier to maintain. While linen yoga mat bags can be washed, leather bags has to be dry cleaned which is an expensive proposition. However, bags made from linen are less durable than the leather yoga mat bags.

How to Take Care of Yoga Mat Bags?
Once you decide on which type of yoga mat bag to buy, next you must give importance to the caring aspect. Some linen mat bags may strictly require only a hand wash while some material may allow machine washing. Therefore it is important to read the washing instructions carefully.

Be extra careful to not wash your yoga mat bag with other clothes especially if the linen is colored. The other thing one needs to watch out for is that some line material shrinks when washed. To be sure, it is best to let a linen yoga mat bag to naturally dry under the sun instead of using the dryer in the washing machine.

In the case of yoga mat bags made of leather, the care is more intensive. While leather is surely more long lasting, one has to make sure that some important things are taken care of. Since no hand wash is allowed and repeated dry cleaning may not be possible due to the cost involve, it is important that you put some water and stain repellent in the leather immediately after purchase.

These repellants are very common and easily available. Be careful not to use anything that is toxic. If you are not using the yoga mat bag for a long period, stuff it with paper. This will help in maintaining the shape of the bag. It is also advisable to wash your yoga stuff separate from all other laundry to maintain its unique vibration.

To give a longer life to your leather yoga mat bag you must remember a few things such as wiping away dust after use with a dry cloth and airing the leather by keeping the bag in open air. A leather mat bag should never be stored in a confined place especially inside a plastic bag as the humidity in such places could result in mold settling in.

One should also keep the leather bag away from heat as it can cause extensive damage to the leather. For example, leaving the leather yoga mat bag inside the hot environment of your car is not advisable.

If you opt for a yoga mat bag made of suede leather then you have to take even more care of the bag. Cleaning suede leather can be a challenge as wiping it dry can make the surface rough and hard. In case the yoga mat bag made of suede gets stained, the best thing to do would be to try and wipe off as much of the stain as you can with a suede brush until the leather is completely dry. This will loosen and soften the material.

Therefore if you don’t mind spending a little more money and are looking for a yoga mat bag that will last you for a lifetime then go for the ones made from leather. Alternatively, if you want a cheaper and no hassle option in terms of maintenance then the bags made of linen is more suitable for you.

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