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As a yoga beginner, the first thing you will do is buy a yoga mat and a yoga suit. Then what trouble them most is how to choose the right Yoga clothes. But as a yoga enthusiast, we will know that buying yoga clothes is not unlike buying any other ordinary clothes. In fact, there are actually no prescribed uniform clothes that you should wear in a yoga class. Just make sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing. Below are some tips for your referrence.

Freedom of movement
One of the most important points is that you can feel free to move and stretch at alll times in this yoga outfit since yoga is exercise focused on body movements. Remember that yoga excerse involve lots of twisting and bending. Clothes that are too tight may contribute to injury and strained muscles. Furthermore, tight clothes may cut off circulation of your air and blood in the body, which may leave you breathless and tired. Therefore yoga clothes will be better made of stetchable materials that can easily follow the movements of your body.

Yoga clothes should be made of lightweight materials so they can be easily washed. Clothes that are made of pure cotton is recommended because they allow the body to breathe. Make sure that you choose clothing that have a great fit. Do not buy yoga clothes that are one size too small or too large. You will end up feeling really uncomfortable wearing them. It is important that before you go to the cash register you have fitted the clothes. And do not just wear them in the fitting room. Try some poses while you have the prospective clothes on. Stretch your arms and see what happens. This is a wonderful way to see how comfortable clothes will be before buying.

Sweat absorbent
Yoga classes can be very tiring and after each class you will probably find yourself all sweaty and smelly. One of the important things that you should consider in buying yoga clothes is the way it absorbs sweat and moisture. Materials that are heat absorbent will make you sweat easily and you might end up with a sticky feeling.

Budget constraints
There are many professional yoga clothes on the marketplace that are highly expensive. As far as I am concerned, since yoga clothes are your gym clothes in essence, if you do not have the budget for it, and then just buy an affordable set of yoga clothes. You don’t need to. As mentioned before, as long as you are comfortable with what you are wearing, any clothing will do.  Even a light pair of sweats or cut-offs. Of course for those who have the spare money to buy yoga clothes should concern more about durability instead of label. There are less expensive yoga clothes with the same quality as branded yoga clothes.

In addition to flexibility of movement comfort, another important point is that people should consider its functionality. There are designs that can be worn not only inside the class but also outside.

When you buy yoga clothes, you’d better select those whose materials do not shrink when washed.

No matter how much durable, comfortable and functional a set of yoga clothes is, without great designs and lines, nobody will be inclined to buy it. Design is also important especially for women practitioners who also want to look good even while in the gym.

Here are some yoga clothing on with fine features mentioned above and low price for your option.

Brand SUPPLEX X-strap Vest Wide Waistband Pants Yoga Fitness Sports Suit NSC-13191 ($24.66)

Brand SUPPLEX Stretchable Flexible Lady Yoga Fitness Sports Apparel Vest Pants Chest Pads NSC-13198 ($28.27)

Brand SUPPLEX Adjustable Lacing Sleeve and Waistband Designed Lady Yoga Fitness Sports Suit NSC-13187 ($28.27)

Brand SUPPLEX Simple Fold V-Neck Bra Wide-Waistband Pants Lady Yoga Fitness Sports Suit+ Chest Pads NSC-13193 ($25.71)

Brand SUPPLEX Elegant Lace-Sleeve Multi Layered Fold Shirt Pants Lady Yoga Fitness Sports Suit NSC-13197 ($28.27)

For more styles and design, just go to our yoga suit categories to have a look.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great blog on tips on choosing yoga cloths. The cloth should be light in weight. Heavy clothing can restrict movement of limbs and you may become tired very fast. It is advisable to wear black as it allows you to sweat more and you could burn some extra fat. There will be a lot of bending, stretching and you will probably be made to lie upside down, wearing clothes which do not expose much of your body is recommended. The heavy cotton shirts will not work as you will sweat a lot during the session. These are easily available in many stores and are reasonably priced.

  2. Ken Kleinmann says:

    your all resources is awesome.lovely list.Thanks for sharing1