Amazing Nail Polishes & Artificial Nails

People are always interested in finding the ways to enhance their beauty, and in this eagerness they invent new things that can add beauty to their looks. Nail polish is one of the ways to make the hands look beautiful and fashionable. In the early ages the Egyptians used to dip their fingers into orange henna to give them an orange shade.  Nail Polish was invented about 5000 years ago by the Chinese they mostly used red and black colors.

Today’s nail polish is a lacquer applied to the nails to give them color and different shades.  Nail polish is applied to both the toenails and the fingernails. The nail polish used nowadays is a refined version of car paint. In the early ages the nail polish was made from a combination of beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, vegetable dies and Arabic gum.

Nail polish is selected mostly on the basis of colors and the brands. There are different qualities of nail polishes as some of them flake off very soon and look odd. Many women choose the nail colors that suit their skin colors and look good with them. Women prefer matching nail polish with their outfits. Women also use nail polish most often in order to hide the imperfections of their nails.

The way of application of nail polish really matters. In order to get the best from your nail polish you must apply the nail polish in several thin coats instead of one thick coat. In this way it will look neat and would not flake off. When you are finish with the application of your nail polish wait for it to dry perfectly. After it dries then apply some moisturizing lotion to your hands and massage your hands with circular movements.

Nowadays many new styles with the nail polish are made. Different designs are made with the combination of two or more colors. French manicure is also very common nowadays. Some of the men are also interested in some colors of the nail polish, like black for the gothic look. Most of the women apply nail polish to long nails as they look attractive and eye catching. People are so much crazy about the nail polishes that they even use artificial nails to apply the nail polish.  Nowadays squared shape nails and shocking nail polish colors are in fashion.

So nail polishes are widely used all over the world nowadays. Its application has become a part of everyday life. Many people consider the dressing to be incomplete without a nail polish. Let’s go for these nail polishes & artificial nails at

Red Nail Polish HCI-24191

Shining Colorful Nail Polish HCI-24190

Nail Art Deco Nail Polish w/ Glitter Powder HCI-24857

Flowers Decorated Fake Fingernail Tip 12pcs with Glue HBI-21925

Panther Painted Fake Fingernail Tip 12pcs with Glue HBI-21927

Ripple Pattered Fake Fingernail Tip 12pcs with Glue HBI-21926

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