Nintendo 3DS Could Damage Youngsters’ Eyes?

Along with the recent release of Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo has put a health and safety notice on its website announcing that this new Nintendo 3DS handheld is not suitable for under-sixes, since kids under the age of six could suffer from stunted eye development as a result of using the 3DS.

Many people like to watch 3D movies, games or television due to its highly excited eye feast; however, viewing in 3D mode at such young ages could negatively affect the development of stereoscopic vision, though the effects are not yet well documented or studied. Even though this 3DS is equipped with a parental lock to turn off 3D feature, children ages six or below could still play this handheld console but should only 2D mode.

Nintendo also advises gamers to take a break every 30 minutes in order to not cause undue fatigue on the eyes, which is twice as often as traditional 2D games. Some 3D games may tire the eyes faster than others. In addition, those with differing vision in their left and right eyes may experience discomfort when viewing 3D.

These eyesight warnings are rather reminiscent of those issued by Nintendo in the wake of the Virtual Boy launch, where breaks from the 3D action were not mandatory, but heavily suggested. That wasn’t the key undoing of the Virtual Boy, but it was definitely a piece of the rug that was eventually pulled out from under the gaming device. Will 3D end up a curse for Nintendo after all?

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