Romance Valentine’s Day Gifts

Be it a dreamer or a practical minded person, no one escapes cupid’s bow!

Lover and Romantic have a way of its own even in this busy world. You might just wake up one morning realizing that you are in love with your best friend or the girl next door. Ways of love are always unknown, yet they have an unspoken charm of its own. So now, when you know that you have been struck by our beloved Cupid, its best to learn how to express it. Every lover has had their share of love letters and flower bouquets. Write a romantic note to your boyfriend with some famous love quotes and seal it with love. Plan a romantic date or set up a candle light dinner for your girlfriend. Sharing love poems randomly would show that you remember him/her even on a regular day. Are you still wondering how to go about it? We will tell you something.

Electronic Blow Sensitive Flicker LED Candle with Stand FLD-4712 $2.17

Romantic Heart Shaped LED Color Change Lamp FTY-19914 $2.54

Living Color Changing LED Rose Lamp Tea Light  FLEDLP01 $2.32

Mini Moon Style LED RGB Night Light FTY-20621 $2.58

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