New Arrivals — iPhone & iPad Bamboo Case

If an iPhone 4 or iPad has arrived on your doorstep, you’ll probably be sizing-up potential cases already. You don’t want to end up with a scratched iPhone or iPad, just take a look at these stylish bamboo cases.

The case is molded from a single piece of bamboo that is roughly machined, before being manually shaped to create the desired form. The case is then applied with four layers of natural oils and waxes to give it a protective coating.  Like everything on this case it is well-made and hugs the phone comfortably and securely.

The product comes in a simple but stylish bamboo box, clearly created from the left-over bamboo the case came from. The outer shipping case was also filled with bamboo chippings for protection, which was a nice touch.

There’s no doubt that smartphones have changed the way we communicate and consume media, but they’ve also spawned an entire industry based around accessorising the beloved handhelds we buy. I am in love with this product. It is a thing of beauty that enhances the iPhone or iPad’s already arresting style. Although it is not a cheap case, in my opinion it is a worthwhile investment and will not only protect you precious iPhone, but will add character and personality to it in a way no other case can.

Here are some pretty sweet bamboo iPhone & iPad cases from, let’s go for it.

Detachable Bamboo Case for iPhone 3G 3GS MHC-24517

Bamboo Hard Backside Skin Case for iPhone 4G MHC-24521

Moso Bamboo Hard Backside Skin Case for iPhone 4G MHC-24527

Natural Bamboo Hard Backside Skin for iPad CCA-24528

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