How to Choose the Right Bra for You

When choosing a Bra, how will you choose the correct style and size bra that would be best for you? I’ve noticed that most of the time, they’re more concerned with the color preference, which I find unimportant compared to the fit and support of the bra. If you put a little extra time and effort into choosing a bra that will make you look good, instead of just looking cute on the hanger, I’m willing to bet you’d be very surprised at the level of comfort and the amount of flattering shape that you can achieve.

Since breasts are one of the most feminine and beautiful parts of a woman’s body, it only makes sense to take care of them. Making them look and feel as good as possible not only boost your self esteem, it can also make everything you wear over your bra look better than ever before.

If you’ve ever seen bulging back fat due to a faulty bra you know what I’m talking about. This is a classic sign of a woman wearing a bra with a band that’s too big around. If you have bulging back fat when wearing your bra, you need to be fitted for a new bra ASAP.

Here are some other clues that just scream “you’re wearing the wrong bra!”

- Your breasts bulge out of the cups, leaving you with “overspill”
- You have red marks on your shoulders when you take off your bra at night.
- The center of your bra (right between the cups) does not come in contact with your chest and breastbone.
- Your breasts have a weird shape (whether they look droopy, lumpy, etc) under your clothes.
- The band of your bra rides up your back. This leads to non-supported and saggy breasts, as well as bulging back fat.
- You notice that your shoulders are constantly being pulled in a forward direction throughout the day.

If you suffer any of these bra hazards, you can be sure that you’re wearing either the wrong band size or the wrong cup size. If you’re really unlucky, you got both wrong and you’re probably very uncomfortable in your bra right now!

Bra size affects a woman’s comfort, health, and appearance. So you must pay much more attention to it.

Here are seven tips on choosing a Bra that fits, just have a look.

  • Unless it’s a half-cup bra, if the breast is bulging at the top, the cup is too small.
  • The back band rising up the back means the bra is too loose.
  • If the cups are wrinkled, they’re too small.
  • If the center of the bra is not against the skin, the cup is probably too big.
  • If edge of the cup is resting on the breast under the arms, the cup is too small.
  • Depending on the manufacturer and style, one may require different sizes.
  • A body changes – a new bra may not be the same size as the old one.

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