A World Obsession — Magic Cube

A magic cube is an n×n×n version of a magic square in which the n^2 rows, n^2 columns, n^2 pillars, and four space diagonals each sum to a single number M_3(n) known as the cube’s magic constant. Magic cubes are most commonly assumed to be “normal,” i.e., to have elements that are the consecutive integers 1, 2, …, n^3. However, this requirement is dropped (as it must be) in the consideration of so-called multimagic cubes.

It seems like such a simple puzzle and yet the Rubik’s Cube mesmerized millions of people with its complexity. The Rubik’s Cube became one of the most popular toys of the twentieth century and an icon of the 1980s.

It seems simple enough. You would pick up the Rubik’s Cube and turn it a few times. The goal is to make each side a solid color, as it is  when you first take it out of the box. After a couple of hours, you realized you were mesmerized by the puzzle and yet no closer to solving it. This exact situation happened to millions of people in 1980 as the Rubik’s Cube became an obsession around the world.

Rubik’s Cubes instantaneously became an international sensation. Everyone wanted one. It appealed to youngsters as well as adults. There was something obsessive about the little cube. A Rubik’s Cube had six sides, with each side a different color (traditionally blue, green, orange, red, white, and yellow). Each side of a traditional Rubik’s Cube consisted of nine squares, in a three by three grid pattern. Of the 54 squares on the cube, 48 of them could move (the centers on each side were stationary). Rubik’s Cubes were simple, elegant, and surprisingly difficult to solve.

Here I would like to introduce you some magic cubes, would you want to challenge them? Just take a look.

Bevel Twist Magic Cube Intelligence Puzzle Toy FMC-22690

Bevel Rotation Magic Cube Intelligence Puzzle Toy FMC-22713

Electric Shock Magic Cube with Letters Practical Joke FTY-7921

Brain Teaser Magic Cube IQ Puzzle Toy FTY-14901

Irregular Brain Teaser Magic Cube IQ Puzzle Toy – White FMC-22295

Hexangular Style Magic Cube IQ Teaser Puzzle Toy FMC-22694

MODUN Brain Teaser Magic Cube IQ Puzzle Toy FMC-22691

3-Layer Style Magic Cube IQ Teaser Puzzle Toy FMC-22693

Quadrangular Pyramid Style Magic Cube IQ Puzzle Toy FMC-22692

7 x 7 x 7 Top Brain Teaser Magic Cube FMC-23114

12 x 8 Irregular Brain Teaser Magic Cube FMC-23107

Pyraminx Shaped Magic IQ Cube – White Edge FMC-22301

Pyramid Shaped Magic IQ Cube – White Edge FMC-22298

Spider Man Freak Brain Teaser Magic IQ Cube FMC-22700

3 x 3 x 3 Arabic Numerals Magic IQ Cube Toy FTY-13043

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