Skype Outage 2010: Still Down for You?

In case you didn’t know, millions of Skype users have been left frustrated this evening, as the social networking service suffered a global outage, leaving it’s users unable to sign into the software.

Despite reports that the outage had been fixed up and things were starting to return to normal, we can still confirm that our Skype is still down – leading us to believe that engineers may be restoring access to a handful of users at a time.

According to this report from VentureBeat, Skype has said that the outage was caused by Skype’s supernodes, which function as phone directories for Skype. Apparently a collection of these supernodes went MIA, sending the whole service into downtime.

Skype has said that the service is ‘gradually returning to normal’, but their message on Twitter was 5 hours ago, and the problem still persists – for us at least. Let us know your thoughts on this.

Are you still having connection problems with Skype? Do you think that there should be some sort of contingency plan by Skype, for when outages of this scale occur? How has the outage affected you in your internet calling activities today?

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  1. Jae Embleton says:

    Yes, Honestly I think you are appropriate about this. I wish you may let us know more about this in foreseeable future posting as well. Waiting for that.. Thanks once again